How Much We Make

By Deane Barker on March 16, 2005

Google’s new ToS: Now you can say how much you make: Gadgetopia made $460 from Google in its best month. We probably average a little less than that. I like to see about $14 a day.

Glenn sez, “Google updated its AdSense TOS and now lets its affiliates discuss what they make.

It spikes quite a bit. The best we ever did was $76 one day. I’m willing to bet most of it was off one click, but which ad? That’s the $76 question, as it were.

Thanks to everyone that enables us to make this money. It’s not huge, but it at least partially makes up for the time.



  1. Anyone making a bunch off AdSense send their URL if you will so people can check out your sites and see integration styles. I have heard that Lockergnome is doing well and their integration is simple yet looks effective…borderless, tied in with the content rather than off to the sides, basic hyperlink colors…

    Glad to hear that Gadgetopia is making something off the solid content posted here. Figure out the $76 question and you will be in big business.

  2. Deane, are you going to give a running monthy total. Curious how integrating ads between/within posts or some arrangement would perform and the feedback/criticism Gadgetopia users may have.

    Readers, any thoughts on putting links between posts on your own websites? Does it pull a higher CTR?

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