IE7 Details

By Deane Barker on March 15, 2005

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 Details Begin to Leak: It stuns me that of all the things Microsoft is thinking about putting into IE7, improved CSS support is not one of them.

Partner sources say Microsoft is wavering on the extent to which it plans to support CSS2 with IE 7.0. Developers have been clamoring for Microsoft to update its CSS support to support the latest W3C standards for years. But Microsoft is leaning toward adding some additional CSS2 support to IE 7.0, but not embracing the standard in its entirety, partners say.



  1. The generic trend I see through all of MS’s products is “It must look fantastic in the sales demo”. So many of the “great features” of their software look great up front, and then turn out to be unusable due to either poor implementations that don’t handle edge cases, or some fundamental design flaw.

    IE7 continues this trend: They’re going to wallpaper over their security problems, throw in some great new features that they’re borrowing from Mozilla and Opera, and turn out something that will seem like enough to stop the bleeding. The averag user will switch to Firefox for the security and the tabs, but they’re probably not going to switch for better CSS support.

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