Assistive Mouse Adapter

By on March 14, 2005

New hope for computer users suffering from “Essential Tremor”:

The device, which looks a bit like a guitar effects box, is a small device with two on-and-off switches. It plugs in between the PC and the mouse, and it can easily be switched off when someone else wants to use the mouse.

The [Assistive Mouse Adapter] can be adjusted for tremor severity and to filter out unintended multiple clicks on the mouse, caused by trembling fingers.

The adapter uses an algorithm to filter out high-frequency motion. Another algorithm helps people who have trouble double-clicking.

The article mentions that there are nearly 10 million affected by this disorder in the U.S. alone.

Via Yahoo! News.



  1. My son has a luekodystrophy this type of diease is similer to MS where you lose the white matter in the brain this has affected him in a bad way he has extrem tremors of the head legs arms and hands he can no longer write but he has a special way of using the keyboard but the mouse is very difficult for him I would be interested in more information on this new item as the computer is really a big form of communication with him and makes him feel a little normal.

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