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By on March 14, 2005

Make: posted a cool — but totally useless — thing this morning. Web of Letters will generate words in pictures for you. Just type in the word or words you want picture-ized and it will show you the results. There must be a sizable number of pictures for each letter… keep hitting the Display button & you’ll get a different assortment of letter pictures each time.

Just the thing for your next ransom note. And you won’t even leave behind a cut up magazine for the CSI guys to find!



  1. Paypal failed to recover my $155.80 purchase from a FRAUD seller who used paypal to take my money from his website selling items. After weeks of investigation paypal concluded that indeed seller was at fault but Paypal is sorry that could only recover about $4.00 out of my $155.80 because seller did not have enough money in his account.

    Of course a fraud will not have any money in his paypal account,, he took the money from all his buyers and ran. What boggles me is paypal’s unfair policy in this case.

    After repeated communication with paypal, paypal could not do a thing about it so I called my bank to reverse the charge. Now papal kept sending email after email that my accout is negative so I have to pay them back. Each time I reply to that email asking t close my account pay pal rejects that email reply asking to close by loggin in to my account. WHne I log in to close, at last step it reports accout cannot be closed beacuse the balanc eis negative. Well, balance is negative because paypal could not recover my money from the Fraud seller.

    I kept sending email and phone requests to close my account but paypal continues to send the same old email telling per user policy I have to pay them back to make my paypal account balance positive.

    So the fact is: PAYPAL fails to recover fraudulent transaction due to their inability to recover from fraud but wants paypal customers to take FULL responsibilty for the fraudulent transaction. In another words, they are aiding the frauds to get away with the money (or likely that they are trying to get money from both the Fraud seller and from the customer) but providing essentially no help to recover their own customers money when it is gone.

    How paypal can get away with such FRAUDULENT business practice? Am the only one feels completely robbed by PAYPAL with their unfair business practice with no consumer protection what so ever??

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