Jahre Viking

By Deane Barker on March 12, 2005

Jahre Viking: This is a big ship. The biggest in the world, it turns out.

The Ultra Large Crude Carrier (ULCC) oil tanker Jahre Viking was the largest ship afloat in 2004. At 485.46 metres [1,503 feet long] from tip to tip, she surpasses the tallest land structure, the 424-meter Petronas tower of Malaysia.

It’s actually the world’s biggest man-made floating object (the “man-made” qualifier is important, I guess, when you’re competing with icebergs).

I remember that the Titantic was often refered to as “the biggest man-made moving object.” I wonder if the Jahre Viking claims that crown. What could be bigger and still move? I think about that space shuttle transporter thing, but that would be bigger only in weight, not dimensions. And would the Jahre Viking be even heavier than that when fully loaded?

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  1. Chances are its several times heavier than the shuttle transporter thing. Like an iceburg, most of that ship is underwater. I’d never seen ships that large until I passed through the straits of malacca, where ULCC’s are a dime a dozen. They’re truly massive ships.

    Most of them are so big they never enter port once they are built. They tie up to a buoy offshore and the gas/oil is either pumped on or pumped off.

    Ships like the Exxon Valdez are tiny compared to this.

  2. The proposed ‘Freedom ship’ will be some 4,300 feet long and 780 feet wide and will stand 400 feet above water. they say that it will hold more than 40,000 tourists and will be classified as a moving civilization.

  3. “Jahre Viking” (now renamed “Knock Nevis”) weighs about 90.000 tons empty and can carry 560.000 tons of oild. It’s bigger than the space shuttle thing no matter how you count it.

    The Freedom Ship, which is unlikely to be built, would not be classified as a moving civilisation, as there is no such thing. It’s pure nonsense because international law does not allow it.

    In stead, it would be a ship and it would have to be registered in a state’s ship registry. It would not have the power to make it’s own laws, but tin stead would be subject to the laws of the flag state. Those on board will also be subject to the laws of the flag state, like they are on for instance cruise ships. The best bet for those trying to build the Freedom Ship is to register her in a state that gives the vessel the best laws and the lowes taxes.

    The same goes for the so-called “Sealand”, which has been “created” on an old concrete platform off the coast of Britain. They also claim sovereignty and power to make their own laws, but they’re only left alone because the bristish haven’t had a reason to remove them from the platform (which was built to house anti-aircraft guns that defended London during WWII). The platform is located on British sea territory and if (for instance) someone got murdered there, the Bristish police would have jurisdiction.

    Best regards M.S.

  4. The platform is located on British sea territory and if (for instance) someone got murdered there, the Bristish police would have jurisdiction.

    They did shoot at brittish navy… who didn’t have the authority to return fire on sovereign nation, so they wen’t a way and left it alone.

  5. That’s nonsense. Your knowledge of international law is, I am afraid, below average.

    I know there was an incident with the “Sealanders” some years back, but the reason the UK authorities backed down was because the guys out there are mental, and someone would get hurt if they tried to board it.

    “Sealand” is not a sovereign nation just like the oil platforms in the North Sea (which are much further out to sea) are not. They are subject to British jurisdiction, Bristish laws and British police would have jurisdiction if someone got shot. If your allegation was true, why aren’t the oil companies declaring their oil platforms as sovereign nations? That way, they would not have to pay taxes to Britain and Norway. The going rate in the Norwegian Economic Zone is almost 90 percent tax. Oh, yeah. The oil companies don’t care about money – that must be it.


  6. Youll find that the British Police havent helped the Sealanders as you might think.

    Theyve had many people attempt to invade, where was the help? Once one of the ” Princes ” was kidnapped. I dont believe our police helped them when that happened.

  7. If you bother to check the history of the official website, when the dutch men in the hire of a german businessman took sealand by force and kidnapped one of the ” Princes ” the Sealanders managed to re-take the island with some of their own men, and held the attackers captive.

    The dutch government appealed to the British government for help. but due to a previous court ruling, the British couldnt not intervene as sealand is not in british Jurisdiction, by law.

  8. Although the Jahre Viking surpasses the tallest land structure, the 424-meter Petronas tower of Malaysia, is doesn’t surpass the tallest free-standing land structure in the world, the CN Tower in Toronto which measures up to 553 metres or 1,815 feet. People often forget about this landmark which has stood since the mid 1970s. The tallest land structure in the world is the KVLY-TV mast in North Dakota which stands 628.8 metres or 2063 feet but it is supported by guy wires.

    It’s still a damn big boat.

  9. The Jahre Viking is the largest moving object ever build. She is 2 and one half longer than the Titanic if you didnt know.

  10. Actualy,statioils Troll 1,is not the largest object ever to be moved by man….

    At the time in the early ninties when it was constructed,I used to live only across the fyord in a little norwiegen vilage called Vikedal . I also worked on the build as a welder in Overavats, Where it was built.

    Now the moral of this story is ,is that I have also had the great pleasure of seing the jahre.and beleive me, She is substancialy Bigger.


  11. The Troll A was the largest concrete platform ever built and the largest object ever transported, eclipsing the Gullfaks C platform. Shell’s steel Bullwinkle platform in the Gulf of Mexico was slightly taller than Troll, but spindly by comparison. While the Bullwinkle structure weighed 75,000 tonnes, Troll’s ballasted weight was 1.2 million tonnes.

    Jahre Viking might be longer than Troll A’s height, but when it comes to weight the story is different.



  12. quote: “I remember that the Titantic was often refered to as “the biggest man-made moving object.”

    Why are the Panama Canal locks the size that they are? They were built to be “Titanic-size”. In a tribute to simplicity of engineering, the original control equipment is still being used.

    In another comparison, the biggest battleship ever, Yamato, was 75,000 tons.

  13. Freedom ship will never be built, tankers will soo be a thing of the past. Ever heard of ‘Peak Oil’? If you haven’t, just google it…and hang on to your britches.

  14. I’ve personally been on the Jahre Viking 3 different times. It’s massive. Very nice crew though.

  15. Strangley enough David, From working on, or should I say, Fishing off the end of some of the largest platforms in the world, “Troll inclueded”. It must have been pretty impresive to say the least, looking out from the bridge to the frount of the bow.I can just imagen standing there with a pair of binoculars in hand.

  16. I am a sailor and I have friends who work on Jahre Viking(Knock Nevis) and I will vouch for the fact that she is the largest moving object(man made) on the face of this planet. She can carry 565,000 tonnes of cargo and her displacement(fully loaded) is in excess of 650,000 tonnes. If you started counting to there…. it would take you a coupla days.

  17. The Knock Nevis – ex Jahre Viking – was, as a ship, rather than a FSO, the largest self-controlled moving man-made object. Whether she was the “largest” moving man-made object depends very much on whether you mean “longest” [yes] or “heaviest” [no – see Page 1 of these comments for the production platform at 800,000 tonnes or more – which was pulled, slowly, by tugs]. That said, she certainly is a very big ship. I’ve been on perhaps twenty or thirty VLCCs and ULCCs – the largest were the UST Atlantic and UST Pacific, at about 403,000 deadweight – and I still find the Knock Nevis an astonishingly big ship. I think the [French] Shell and Total ULCCs – “Batillus”, “Bellamya”, “Prairial” and “Pierre Guillaumot” [have I remembered the spellings correctly?] were much deeper drafted – at about 28 meters – and were the ships for which the Antifer terminal were ideally designed.

  18. In 1985 – 87,I worked onboard the Seawise Giant?, as the Jahre Viking was then known. She was chartered by Pemex, as a storage vessel at Cayo Arcas, Campeche. I put a small laboratory onboard to analyse Maya crude oil, on behalf of the Dept. of Energy, U.S. The Captain was a countryman, British, and the crew Chinese. The ship was so long the crew had bicycles to go up and down the deck ! The anchor cable was impressive, each link being approx. 2ft long.

  19. The Titanic weighed in at a net weight of about 46,000 tonnes. Even in comparison with the largest car ferries in the world, it is still smaller.

    On a second note about the space shuttle transporter. If you didn’t read that correctly, it is measured as about 4.5 million KILOGRAMS. The Jahre Viking is measured in tonnes.

  20. this is a big ship.. i have no idea wat space rocket thomgy people are comparing it to but who cares it is big

  21. The Crawlers from the first Shuttle/Rocket mover were built by Marion Power Shovel company. Marion’s largest Tracked earthmoving shovel was the Marion 6360 weighing in at 15,000 tons (“The Captain”). Another large Earth Mover built by rival company Bucyrus-Erie was a walking dragline of 14,500 tons in weight (“Big Musky”). they scooped up 180 and 220 cubic yards of earth in one scoop respectively.

    Mr Scott

  22. It’s a bit late, but i would like to react on the weight of the space thing and the Jahre Viking ;)

    The Jahre Viking is indeed measured in Tonnes and the Space thing in Kilograms.

    So the Jahre Viking weighs 650.000Tonnes And the Space Transporter : 4500Tonnes….

    So you’ll need 145 Space transporters to match the weight of the ship ;)

    I don’t think there are man-made things on earth that weigh more then such ships. Even sky-scrapers are not so heavy i think.

    The sears Tower for example weighs 200.000 Tonnes……so you need more then 3 Sears Tower to match the weight of the Jahre Viking :)


  23. the titanic wilol always be the biggest ship ever


  24. hoho this is a big space ship woooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww.


    i want to make spaceship gid………………….hoho

  25. my granddad captian iain.s.orwin pileted this ship he was one of the only few men to do this as it was so hard to dock it!

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