Adsense Article

By Deane Barker on March 11, 2005

Google’s AdSense a bonanza for some Web sites: An article about AdSense that states numbers, which is rare:

Tales of AdSense riches range from a few hundred dollars a month to $50,000 or more a year, though high-dollar paydays are rare. They require a Web site with tons of traffic and the ability to put in 18-hour days working the system. […]

In his first four months of Web publishing, AdSense brought in $45,000. Some of his blogs produce $3,000 a month. His best do “four figures,” Calacanis says, though he’s reluctant to fill in the exact numbers. “And that’s with zero marketing,” he says.

There are some detractors:

“This is a program that rewards people not for creating the best content, but for how to create sites to attract more advertising,” says Danny Sullivan, editor of Search Engine Watch online newsletter. “AdSense has nothing to do with search. It effectively turns the Internet into a billboard for Google’s ads.”

I’ve been happy with the program, and that’s all I think I’m allowed to say about it.