Project Rave: IDE for Java

By Deane Barker on July 3, 2003

Project Rave: One reason Visual Basic has flourished like it has is because it’s always been backed up by a first-rate IDE that has made programming so easy. Sun is hoping to do the same thing for Java with its new “Project Rave” line of tools. The idea is to abstract the new Java developer away from the guts of it all so they can start turning out software.

This page is frustratingly short on screencaps, but the idea is promising. And so is the contest to get rid of the silly name.



  1. Want a great IDE for Java (and many other things)? Look no further than eclipse. As Sun provided us with the rather ghastly Forte, and the somewhat questionable Netbeans (some people like that one), I wouldn’t hold my breath for them to develop the end-all and be-all of IDE design. Historically, GUI hasn’t been Sun’s strength.

  2. The idea with this thing, though, is give the programmer GUI form builders — drag the control onto the form, double-click to configure… — not just a smart text editor. Apparently it will include the same thing for JSP Web forms as well.

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