William Gibson Asks for Typos

By Deane Barker on July 3, 2003

William Gibson: CALL FOR SUGGESTED CORRECTIONS: Here’s a great use of a blog. William Gibson — author of the legendary Neuromancer — is asking readers for corrections to the hardcover version of his latest novel so he can fix them before the paperback is published.

“It turns out that I will have the opportunity to proof the paperback edition of PATTERN RECOGNITION. I know that there’ve been threads citing various textual goofs, and I intend to go back and consult those, but it would also be very helpful if someone could start a thread called, say, ‘Proofing The Paperback’. Then, if you’ve spotted something you think is amiss, please title your post ‘p. XX’, using the number of the page in question in the hardcover, and let fly.”