Colorized Mac mini’s

By on March 9, 2005

ColorWare is an outfit that specializes in customizing Apple products (and lots of others) with most any color you can wish for. Recent reports suggest that they’re gearing up to do the Mac mini in color as well!

Some of their colors — like Wet, Lilac, Envy & Mystique sound like they’re geared toward the more… effeminate geek. But there are others — Ferrari, Prowler, Lightning, Steel & Carbon — that are for the true alpha geeks.

These paint mods do come at a premium though; as an example, a stock, entry-level iMac G5 will run you $1299 from the Apple Store. A machine with the same specs with ColorWare paint job (purchased through their website) boosts the price to $1760. Ouch!

Their paint jobs may be nice, but if we had to have color I think most of us would make do with a $4 can of Krylon and spend the other $457 on something more fun.

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