iPod Shuffle Autopsy

By on March 8, 2005

What do you do if you’ve got some spare time, a digital camera, a photo-blog, and a hundred bucks to blow? Tear apart a brand new iPod Shuffle, taking pictures of each step so that you can share it with everybody and his dog.

Post-industrial designer Daniel Kushner performs an iPod Shuffle alien autopsy, popping the top, bottom, and everything in between off his shiny new iPod Shuffle. Not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.

When I was a kid I’d get my sisters all kinds of torqued at me by tearing apart anything electronic or mechanical that they had (I knew better than to do that to my older brothers’ stuff!) I was usually successful at getting the gadgets to work again when reassembled, but those rare times when it didn’t work out still come back to haunt me at family get-togethers. Makes me wonder if Kushner got his Shuffle to work again post-op.

via MobileWhack.



  1. …[The disk pries off, breaking the membrane around it. At this point it is clear that the ring cannot be reassembled]… So much for getting the thing working afterwards.

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