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By Deane Barker on March 7, 2005

wheaton_book.jpgJust a Geek: I saw this in Barnes and Noble the other day. Has anyone read it?

You know, everyone thought Wesley was a whiner, but I liked him. He never got a fair shake. Not everyone can be Kirk.



  1. I used to visit Wil’s site until he banned my IP block, not just IP then entire block from my local cable provider. How do I know this? I tried to view his site from a friend of mine on same cable provider.

    All I did was to offer my opinion about his opinion on his forum and as to as comments to his blog entries.

    IMHO he is very misguided and can not even deal with people of differing opinions that his. If for some reason you feel the same way check out his book from a library instead of purchasing it.

  2. It is an excellent book, but it is not a rehash of the Star Trek days. It’s a condensed, almost “Greatest Hits” version of his blog, there’s not much new, though there are some updates and added notes. With a publisher like O’Reilly, it’s gotta be good – I highly recommend it.

  3. Read the book on vacation and really enjoyed it. Wil coming to grips with his former fame and new found fame as a blogger. A lot of WWDN stuff rehashed, but some backstory and filling info added.

  4. Wow, as a self-proclaimed geek blog I’m surprised you haven’t heard of this. This book is a direct result of Wil’s blog. Not only is the book an interesting and somewhat humorous read, the story of how it (and his first book) came to be published is a testament to blogging.

    Check out some of his writing at http://www.wilwheaton.net

  5. Oh, I’ve known about his site. Browsed it once. But I don’t read it regularly, and thus never heard about the book.

  6. If you like to get an impression on Wil and his book, there is an audio version of one of his appearances reading from the book on Gnomedey over at IT conversations, url http://itconversations.com/shows/detail220.html

    I did enjoy that tremendously even though the only thing I associated with him was ‘annoying kid’. Give it a try and I think you will know afterwards if you would like to buy the book or not.

    hth Nicole

  7. okay. how to make a fool out of yourself? overlook the already posted link in the comment.

    but take it as this: the audiofile is very enjoyable, i will download the video these days and the only thing holding me back from buying the book is that i am on an amazon ban until i have read at least 50% of the books around me. :)

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