Email All Your Users Day Re-Visited

By Deane Barker on March 7, 2005

Email All Your Users Day: This is one of those posts that I think never got the attention it deserved. I still maintain that this is a good idea, and now that Gadgetopia has some more traffic, I re-submit it to the blogosphere. Who’s with me?

I hereby proclaim December 1 as “Email All Your Users Day.” On that day, everyone who runs a service that has user accounts should email ALL their users to remind them they have an account, what the account is for, and where the login screen is. The member can then decide what he or she wants to do with it.



  1. Reminder e-mails are kind-of-OK (provided your “what we will do with your email address statement clearly covers them) but having every site send them on December 1st would be horrible! It’s bad enough that every 1st of the month I get spammed by half a dozen mailman installs reminding me that I’m subscribed to their lists.

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