How to Be a Job(less)-Blogger

By Deane Barker on March 7, 2005

How To Get Rich & Famous By Blogging At Work: This is a pretty funny parody of the whole, “I got fired for blogging…” craze.

Refuse To Stop Blogging About Your Work, Even If Threatened With Dismissal. Freedom Of Speech is what it’s all about, so screw off, Mr. Bossman!

It’s none of your business if your employees choose to a) not work, and; b) post insulting remarks about you on the Internet while not working, so go back to your plush office and close the damn door. Maybe if you stop getting on our nerves by being so greedy and uncaring about the misery you cause, we bloggers suffering economic servitude will stop investigating your corporate lives to share the gritty details with the world…or maybe we won’t.