Gmail User Pities Hotmail User

By Deane Barker on March 3, 2005

The Onion | Gmail User Pities Hotmail User: Too funny.

Recent Gmail convert William Ramsak, 23, said Monday that his “heart goes out to” friend Kelly Oldenburg, who still sends e-mail through an MSN Hotmail account. “I feel so bad for you, needing to squeeze into 250 MB of storage space,” Ramsak wrote to Oldenburg in an e-mail. “And I hate thinking of you sorting all your old e-mail, while Gmail automatically indexes mine so they are searchable.” Ramsak then asked Oldenburg when he was going to “stop being a Microstooge and join Team G.”



  1. I created and posted the email address yesterday, and already I’ve gotten a spoofed email claiming to be from eBay, which I’ve never bought anything from, ever. The ‘eBay signin’ link actually went to some unpronouncable domain. Yesterday – a mere 24 hours ago, and already spamed. goddamn spamers suck.

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