The Numa Guy

By Deane Barker on March 2, 2005

Teen’s ‘stupid’ lip-synch video a Web hit: If you haven’t seen The Numa Guy video (Google for it), you’re really missing out. It’s a treat. Sadly, like the Star Wars kid, he’s not so happy about it.

Here, then, is the cautionary tale of Gary Brolsma, 19, amateur videographer from New Jersey, who made the grave mistake of placing on the Internet a brief clip of himself dancing along to a Romanian pop song. Even in the bathroom mirror, Brolsma’s performance could only be described as earnest but painful.

Personally, I don’t understand what he’s embarrassed of. When the bass kicked in and his fists started pumping in the air, I thought to myself, “How long has it been since I had that much fun?” Long live The Numa Guy.

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  1. This video is undisputable proof that we are all made of the same stuff. Via-la-simularitiy!!

    Unfortunately we live in a world where stupid and powerful media (NYTimes in this case) needs to make comments like humiliation, pudgy., painful, ametuer… I feel a rush of profanity about that kind of dehumanized perspective. Robo brains, eat your heart out. (I should probably lighten up.)

    Nice sync Gary!

  2. This dude is unreal. His clip rocks and i dont know wat all the fuss is about. It was the funniest 2mins worth of entertainment ever. Everyone should check it out.

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