Ulterior Intentions For Mac mini?

By on March 1, 2005

Intrepid Mac-Hacker extraordinaire Leo Bodnar, who was the first to show the world how to over-clock a Mac mini, has written about some interesting things he’s found exploring the innards of a Mac mini. Or more to the point, things he didn’t find.

I have noticed a missing unpopulated connector on a vertical CD/HDD interconnect board. There are also a few components that were left out during assembly. There is a surprisingly big (by mini standards) empty space around that area inside the mini case.

Connector has a full Firewire bus and extra control signals on it. What could it be? Integrated iPod dock at the top of Mac mini case? Interface to some other external device? Missing internal module?

And most of all, has it been abandoned at the last minute or still being developed? Or is it waiting for its device to become ready?


via byodkm.net



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