Atari’s Adventure Resurrected in Flash

By Deane Barker on October 27, 2002

Back in the 80s, when my brother and I had the cutting-edge Atari 2600, I used to love to play Adventure. This was supposed to be an epic tale of knights, dragons, and fantasy, but the execution was very 80s. You were this colored block and you used a sword that looked like an arrow to kill dragons that looked like big ducks. Still, there was something comfortable about the game, like Campbell’s Tomato Soup on a rainy afternoon.

Someone has remade Adventure in Flash. While I was too rusty to remember how to play it, it seems awfully faithful to the orginal — block, arrow, ducks and all. It took me right back to the living room floor at 3108 Pinole Valley Road, circa 1983.



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