Email Sound FX

By Deane Barker on February 24, 2005

Email Sound FX – Outlook add-in for email sound notification: This is a pretty good idea. I get email all day, and it would be nice to know who it was from without having to look and without having to visual process the email itself.

By using this Outlook add-in to assign unique sounds to email senders, you can determine the source of your incoming mail just by the sound made.

I have this for my phone, why not my email? $10.



  1. Maybe I missed the point…. But I thought it was kind of insecure to use Outlook! Plenty of articles on the web about that. Ever tried the Firefox brother? ;-)

  2. Try Eudora – it speaks either the “from:” or “Subject:” headers as part of the filters. Of course, receiving messages with “You &^%@(*^ moron!” in the subject line may cause others to blush.

  3. Hmmm…. just gotta add: DUH! I’m one more for the rules wizard… my computer has done this for years! I even have it set to play a different sound when certain words appear in the subject when sent by some people. Way configurable… Way DUH!

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