Hypercard: A Love Story

By Deane Barker on February 24, 2005

Smackerel: When multimedia was black and white: An homage to the wonder that was hypercard.

HyperCard delivered significant computing power to creative people who had few preconceptions about what it should be used for. Artists, writers and other non-programmers dived in. Stacks were shared via BBSes, floppy disks and books. Many experienced programmers embraced HyperCard as well, and extended its functionality. There was an explosion of interactivity as amateurs, artists and creative professionals created interactive games, stories and other experiences.

I’ve always wondering what the mojo was that made people love HyperCard so much. Is there a good HyperCard emulator someone could point me to so I can try to figure out what the allure was?

But whether you know anything about HyperCard or not, it’s tough not to love the International HyperCard Users Group…or, iHug. If Apple ever made a teddy bear, they’d probably call it iHug.



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