Kiddie Records Weekly

By on February 23, 2005

On Kiddie Records Weekly you can download mp3 audio files of famous (and not so famous) kids story records from days gone by. Only one set of files is available for download on any given week, but links for BitTorrent feeds are available for all preceding weeks. With titles like “Tales of Uncle Remus”, “Gerald McBoing Boing”, and “Captain Bill Meets Feary O’Leary”, don’t expect anybody over the age of 7 to appreciate them, but the younger crowd surely will.

This isn’t new (I read about it on BoingBoing in December) but thought I’d pass it along since its proven to be a such hit with my kids. I’ve been downloading the files & burning them to CD since the first week of January, and my six year old loves them. He got a CD player for his too-close-to-Christmas birthday, and when he’s not playing with Legos you can usually find him in his room listening to one story or another. It’s a rare Monday that he doesn’t hit me up for the latest CD when I come in the door at the end of the day.