Walking Forest Machine

By on February 20, 2005

Striking fear into the heart of the spotted owl since 1991:

The walking machine adapts automatically to the forest floor.
Moving on six articulated legs, the harvester advances forward
and backward, sideways and diagonally. It can also turn in
place and step over obstacles. Depending on the irregularity of
the terrain, the operator can adjust both the ground clearance of
the machine and heigh of each step.

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  1. I guess Plustech is a subsidiary of Timberjack, and a “John Deere Company”. If its a hoax, they put a heck of a lot of work into it.

    I couldn’t find anything about it at Snopes… it must be real!

  2. Beware the Videos page; they plunked three videos into the thing — 3-5MB each — and all three load simultaneously. Looonnnnggg wait, even on DSL.

    Watching the things walk is interesting though. They don’t move very quickly, and the steps they take seem unnecessarily high, but the concept is terribly cool. I’m still waiting for my Personal Bipedal Transporter that will trot down the road (or off the road) at 30mph. I remember reading a fictional story that had things like that, and with machines like Plustech’s and other stuff being worked on, it doesn’t seem that far fetched any more.

  3. I missed the videos page the first time. I just watched them, and it certainly looks real, doesn’t it? If not, then someone went to a huge expense to fake this.

  4. Every time I see that image it doesn’t look real…guess it’s just the way the light is bouncing around. Even the clothes don’t look right, like some sort of “officer” in a bad Sci-Fi movie.

    But if there are videos…

  5. I think the photo above was done in two (or more) exposures. The first is the main overall exposure and the other to get the detail inside of the cab. This is what gives it the fake look. I also have some suspicions about the “grass”.

  6. if this Walking Forest Machine is for real you should develope it for another purpose!!this “cut doun trees” it is our doom!we should protect the forest!!not destroy it!!we will dye if we don’t protect our planet!!protect it from us!

  7. Yes, it’s real. Not for sale though. It is just a prototype.

    There are several manufacturers of similar types of forest harvesting equipment. Komatsuforest.com or Rottne.com both of these sites have great info.

    This is part of the present, not just the future of forest harvesting.

    We went with similar Cut-To-Length technology as far back as 1998. Best way to harvest trees there is. No damage to soil or environment.

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  10. Put this machine into good use..say into agriculture industry on the rough terrain in S.E.Asia. We have some lucrative cash crop still using primitive means to harvest. Who knows Plustech could get some financers to mass produce this machine, with modifications to the harvesting boom and cutter? I’m actually trying to get contact to PlustechOy/JohnDeere for some feedbacks on this.

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