By on February 18, 2005

I needed to find out the public IP for my workplace just now, so went to my old standby whatismyip.com. When you hit that page your IP address is at the top — very handy and no monkey business — but today there was a notice down below that the domain name is up for auction on eBay.

For over six years WhatIsMyIP.com has been a highly useful web service. In the right hands this could be a very profitable site. Current unique monthly visitor count is 1,754,091. It is currently hosted on a specially tuned dedicated server at the excellent Shanje.net service. With traffic bandwidth at close to 3GB a day this one is not for the faint-of-heart. More complete server stats are available by request.

With 4 days & 5 hours to go, the price is at $37,100 (US dollars, that is), and 30 bids thus far. How much would you pay for a name like that? I wonder also whether the new owner will allow the site to maintain its simple focus, especially if they are trying to make money off it.



  1. I will be the new owner and I’m planning on keeping the site’s initial page “as is”

    Do I want to make some money to recover my investment? of course, but it will be done in a very decent way as to not to distrub the site. I know a lot of bots access it for a “what is my ip” feed.

    Anyway, don’t stress. :)

  2. It was me that won it though :)

    I’m planning to put some Google ads on to start it off, and will work on another plan for it a bit further down the track. It should bring in a lot from the ads though.

    Will try to keep it simple like it is now.

  3. Tha’s quite a purchase you made “Anonymous” at over $386,000! Nice to see some people have enough cash to make purchases like that.

  4. Well Xchanger, there are many sites to list which shows IP address. The one you shown is nice. Even I have seen many sites. I have just seen a cool site, which is not showing any ads or popups, and it also has whois, ping etc. stuff.

    Check this out: http://www.getanyip.com

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