Quick RAM Survey

By Deane Barker on February 16, 2005

RAM Upgrades Are A Wonderful Thing: Let’s take a little survey: How much RAM do you use?

I can’t imagine using a modern computer with less than 1GB of ram. When you factor in Thunderbird, Firefox, Emacs, two IM clients, Office Apps, PuTTY, the Gimp, and the various other stuff I run daily, it’s not difficult to see why.

I have 748MB at work and 512MB at home. 512MB seems like plenty to me.



  1. 1 GB on the home PC (it’s what passes for a game machine) 768 MB on the PowerBook (512 MB is really the minimum usable for OSX) 512 MB on the work PC (and that because I scrounged around the derelict machines)

    Firefox, Gaim, Outlook, NoteTab, Exceed, and MS Word take me up to about 400 MB at work. Throw in some debugging tools and it pushes me to the limit easy.

  2. 1.5GB on a G5 PowerMac at work (0S 10.3.7) 768 on a 2.8P4 at work (WinXP Pro) 768 on a G4 PowerBook (OS 10.3.7) 360 on the home G3 (OS 9.2.1)

    The two work machines have lots of RAM for the RAM hungry graphics apps that are used on them. The PowerBook gets pressed into service at work quite often, and the 768 feels a bit stretched sometimes. 360 on the home machine is plenty, although my kids are looking for more VRAM for games ;o)

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