Pullquotes with JavaScript

By Deane Barker on February 16, 2005

Create a Pull Quote with Javascript (and CSS): Interesting method of dynamically creating pullquotes.

When used for drawing a readers eye to an important passage, it can be argued that they are a presentational effect, so it would be nice to have a method to create a pull quote without having to add any extra content. Sadly though, CSS, usually great for presentation, can’t help us with this today, so Javascript seems like the next natural solution. Great.

More and more, I’m seeing run-once-on-load JavaScript being used to make up for CSS and HTML shortcomings. Is this a good thing?



  1. I really wouldn’t call this a CSS or HTML shortcoming. Pulling content out of a pool and reiterating it elsewhere on the page is certainly an action best performed with specialized scripts, not with a passing markup or styling protocol.

    CSS and HTML (XHTML) should never been used to alter the actual content of a document. While some would argue that repeating a sentance isn’t actually altering the content, I would disagree.

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