Apple Stock Split

By on February 16, 2005

It’s almost time to buy AAPL again.

Apple Computer on Friday declared a two-for-one stock split, its first since June of 2000 and only the third in its 25-year history as a publicly traded company.

Apple shares, which have surged more than four-fold in the past 17 months, climbed nearly 4 percent on the news. The stock rose $2.85 to close at $81.21 after earlier touching $81.76, just below an all-time high.

And it closed today at $90.13. Historically, Apple stock rises briefly when a split is announced but drops sharply in the following days. Although I’m not a gambling man, I’d bet money that the stock price will be back to its current level within 18 months. And I’ll also bet that I don’t have the money to buy any stock.

Hey Deane; how’s Gateway doing these days?