QuickStudy Laminated Reference Guides

By on February 16, 2005

While waiting to pay for the gas I pumped this afternoon, I found myself standing next to a display containing a variety of QuickStudy Laminated Reference Gudes.

What you get with QuickStudy
Most valuable, clear and concise info on a subject
Laminated 8.5 x 11 inch size
Available in 2, 4 and 6 pages
Only $2.95 to $5.95
Over 250 subjects for school, medical, computers and the home

There were guides for several computer subjects — mostly dealing with Microsoft software, (what does that tell you about MS applications and their user interfaces?) and some other more practical guides, like Commonly Misspelled & Confused Words, English Grammar & Punctuation, and others. There was even one for HTML and another for PERL.

All that at the local Get-n-Go!



  1. “what does that tell you about MS applications and their user interfaces”

    That MS applications are definately the most popular and these QuickStudies will generate the most revenue; or maybe their UI is so simple, it takes a single page, instead of a book, to figure out? ;-)

  2. Sparknotes makes those also, go to BN they I have the ones for HTML and C++ and i know i saw other like them

  3. They sell these at a gas station. Is that implying that you could read these while driving?

    Cool! I could become a database developer on the way to work tomorrow.

  4. “That was a pretty good comeback. Sorry Dave.”

    Which was the good comeback? The “most popular/most revenue” bit or the “simple UI”? You and I both know which is bit is true, but not by virtue of the quality of the software. No way, no how.

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