IE Is Costing You Money – An Angry Rant

By on February 15, 2005

Are you paying someone to make web pages?

By now I’m sure that everyone is sick of hearing web people wail and moan about how much they hate IE. But the sad truth is that aside from giving your security guy nightmares, and serving as the source of a lot of snide remarks from your latte-drinking, ironic-t-shirt-wearing web developers, IE is costing you a lot of money.



  1. This seems to be the case with everything that Microsoft makes. They tried to add their own stuff to Java and so any time something doesn’t work in another browser or other choose-your-standard people think that it’s the other product that’s broken. Tyranny of the majority.

  2. You just decribed my usual day at work! I too spend way too much time working on IE fixes and by “too much time” I mean, more than none and less than an enternity.

    The one thing I do need is more ironic t-shirts, and acquire a love for coffee. I’m only 23 and I had a coke and put on a sweater this morning.

  3. “…and it looks great in almost every browser…”

    Except for the 90% that happen to be IE.

    While I agree in theory with all the above, I’ve always found it easier to design for IE, and then find work arounds for the other browsers. Not technically correct, maybe, but at least you get a product out that can be viewed in the vast majority of browsers (by number, not type).

    But then, maybe the sites I created were just plain crap…

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