Apollo Mission Moon Panoramas

By on February 12, 2005

Hans Nyberg of panoramas.dk has taken some of the recently released high-resolution Apollo mission photographs and stitched them into Quicktime panoramas.

During these missions thousands of images were taken, most of them with… a special version of the Hasselblad 500 EL.

Less known is that during all the missions they made image sequences which with todays computer technics can be stitched together into 360 degree interactive panoramas giving you the possibillity to view the moon almost as you were there.

These panoramas are great. panoramas.dk also has a few of the high-res photos — like this one of the Apollo 11 lunar module — available for viewing. Taking a close look at that thing makes you better realize how bleeding-edge these missions were; fit & finish weren’t terribly high on the priority list.

It’s also a blast browsing through the Apollo Archive. Some of the photos there are truly spectacular.

via BoingBoing.