Poseidon Undersea Resort

By Deane Barker on February 10, 2005

Poseidon Undersea Resorts: This is my every nine-year-old dream come true.

Currently in the final design stages, Poseidon will be the world’s first sea floor resort complex. The resort will be a unique, intimate and exclusive, five-star destination providing the highest possible levels of luxury and service. Poseidon’s guests will experience a marvelous ambiance of comfort and camaraderie that will not soon be forgotten.

For those who have dreamt of visiting their imagination’s wildest destinations; traveling to the moon, reaching the summit of the most forbidden peaks or exploring the mysteries of the ocean depths, Poseidon will be a reality you will truly appreciate.

Kind of like this
, but cooler. And like this, but real. Via Boing Boing.

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  1. What about Hydropolis, buolding has started and it should be finished in 2006 in Dubai. Poseidon say on their website that they have location under consideration.

  2. Yeah, Diferent rate different facilities provided

    lets take from the expensive one that Poseidon which provide the extra room facilities that others do not have such as fishfeeder, jacuzzi to fit the moods and connection tunnel to the beach.

    When we looked at Hydropolis, the marketing strategy method they used are trying to persuade and encourare consumers to use the others hotel facilities rather than the room facilities. We can see that also that they have the museum, open air stage, the research labotory which make the consumers come out to the room and explore it !! but exploring it, isnt it the consumers need to spend money ? therefore, room rate is low

    Jules, different with the others it used to be a marine research centre mainly open for the consumers who really like diving and also the competition, if Jules put the price at US$500 so what do you think the others perception compare to Hydropolis ? In Jules, you just need to really dive down but the others such as poseidon and hydropolis you dont need to make yourself wet !!

  3. Hydropolis has been cancelled. They anticipated building it for $450 per square foot at a $500 million total. Poseidon will cost $1800 per square foot which is a realistic price from people that build submarines for a living.

    When they figured out Hydropolis was going to cost $2 billion, they abandoned the project. You can keep 22 UW rooms full at $1500, but not 220.

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