419 Shills

By Deane Barker on February 9, 2005

Investigateafrica.com: How much you wanna bet this site will tell you, “Sure, you should send that guy in Nigeria $400,000. We’re quite sure you’re gonna get $35 million in return…”

It has been observed that most people and organizations that transacts business with Nigerians/ Africans has little or no information about the credibility or authenticity of their business associates, in Nigeria or Africa. Hence there is a need for a credible informatory agent, that supplies the basic information need of your business associates.

Our Mission: […] Creating a platform on which foreign investors and friends can confirm information supplied to them by their African/Nigerian business associate. Hence, ensuring transparency in business and dealings in Africa.



  1. I like their quote from the scrolling banner:

    “We are not the best, but we strive hard to make sure we deliver what ever the client’s request is, as long as we ve’ said we will.”

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