The Internet and Jean Carlos Chera

By Deane Barker on February 8, 2005

Internet ‘discovered’ kid soccer star … could you be next?: An interesting look at the how the Internet can change everything. I’ve seen this video, and the kid is truly amazing. Without the Internet, the odds of what is about to happen to him would be nil.

[Jean Carlos] Chera, no doubt, thinks that burps are hilarious and that showers and soap are the equivalent of medieval torture devices, because such attitudes are universal among 9-year-old boys. […]

The difference is that Chera is a breathtaking soccer player, and professional teams such as Manchester United — the New York Yankees of soccer — want to sign him to a development contract. Chera might be the youngest athlete ever courted by pro teams.

In the pre-Internet era, there was little likelihood that Manchester United’s coaches — much less soccer fans worldwide — would ever find out about a preteen player in Brazilian farm country. But Chera’s team, Associacao Desportiva Atletica, has a Web site. And on that site, it posted video of some of Chera’s exploits.

The video is all over the place.



  1. I just checked out the Jean Carlos Chera video and it is unbelievable. I know some people say that he isn’t amazing but there is a poll at Jean Carlos Chera Fan Site – – which clearly shows that most people (around 70%) who see the highlight video are mesmerized by it. There are some skeptics out there but most people, like me, believe he is the real deal.

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