Meta Gen

By Deane Barker on February 5, 2005

Meta Gen: Handy. Looks like you can isolate a particular directory, so not everything on the site has to have the same META.

META Gen is a fast and useful freeware tool for Web developers. Generate META Tags. Unlike the simple programs that you will find in other web sites that just leave you to cut and paste META tags into your HTML documents META Gen will actually do it for you.



  1. A decent idea, but limited usefulness except in the most basic cases. Here’s why:

    1. It uses the same exact description and keywords for all pages– which may not be very helpful for search engine optimization.
    2. If you check “remove existing tags”, it eliminates all meta tags, including useful tags such as Meta robots.
    3. It only processes a single directory at a time, and it won’t follow subdirectories.

    Lastly, it would be nice if the app indicated when it is processing, and/or when it has completed processing.

  2. This is a very simple app to create. I’m tempted to roll-out an improved version, but I should manage my priorities by passing up projects of dubious value.

    However, if anyone desperately wants one of these (cross-platform, natch), I can be cajoled. Give a shout and I’ll crank it out next week when I get a couple of hours. This all assumes that a Google search doesn’t lead you to one that’s already well implemented.

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