Buying Computers Without Windows

By Deane Barker on February 5, 2005

Part I: Corporate Desktop Linux – The Hard Truth: This is an excellent article from the retired CTO of World Bank. He wanted to figure out how much you would save on licensing by switching to Linux. The results ain’t pretty if you want to stick with the big manufacturers.

When I went to IBM’s website I couldn’t find an option on their desktops to enable me to buy Linux […]. After diligent searching I simply couldn’t figure out where IBM had hidden it. So I called their toll free number for help.

This is IBM — you know, the company that has invested more in Linux than any other company? The company who says “the future is Open”. That IBM. The sales rep explained that IBM does not sell desktop computers without Windows.

It was worse at Dell. He found computers without Windows, but they ended up more expensive than computers without. Via Slashdot



  1. He goes to Dell, HP, and IBM (which it out of the PC biz)

    Here on the west coast, check out the sunday fryes ad.

    The budget XP box is $349 The same box with Linspire is $200. (these prices really don’t vary. The budget box just keeps getting faster. Currently around 1.8 Ghz, 128mb, 40Gig)

    You can also get the same $200 deal at walmart.

    And comparing whole system prices is just silly. Why would linux make the monitor, keyboard, speakers etc. cheaper in the first place?

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