Fear, Distrust, and Basecamp

By Deane Barker on February 5, 2005

Open and honest communication: Interesting comments from the creators of Basecamp on their users’ tendency to try to hide things from others.

One of the things that has surprised me most when talking with customers who use Basecamp is how many people work in a culture of fear, deception, and distrust.

[…] One of the top requests as of late is for a company to be able to hide contractors from their clients. They don’t want their clients to know that third party contractors are working on their projects. Anyway you look at that, someone isn’t getting the whole truth. It puzzles me.

I trust no one, and I thrive on conflict.



  1. Funny how the makers of Basecamp won’t provide a version of the software that lets me install it on my own server – not theirs – but then again, maybe they like having the option of snooping on the material I post…….?

  2. Martin what makes you so paranoid?

    The reason we don’t offer installed versions is because that’s not a business we want to be in. We’re an ASP, not a software company that has to maintain multiple versions, issue software updates and patches, deal with tech support on thousands of different servers, etc. It’s not our business.

  3. Paranioa has nothing to do with it – but it sounds like I’ve got you interested in what it is I’d post on Basecamp…

    If you don’t want my money, that’s fine. I’ll just shop around for a company that does – and who will let me retain control and ownership of my own material.

  4. they do want your money… be careful.

    if you forget to cancel your trial membership they will bill you exorbitant fees month after month without ever sending an invoice. then, when you finally notice the mysterious recurring charge on your account, they will refuse to issue a refund, even if it can easily be proven that you never made use of the service.

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