Photoshop As a Crime Fighting Tool

By Deane Barker on February 4, 2005

Cops use photo to pry open sex abuse: Some scumbag sexually abused a girl, then sent pictures around the Net. The police have had the girl Photoshopped out of the picture, and are circulating the resulting images in the hopes of catching a lead.

For the first time, Toronto police have released digitally altered photos taken from original child-abuse images in hopes of identifying a sexual-abuse victim. The eerie photos, which show a young blond victim being abused, were “repainted” to remove the victim in hopes of identifying the location where she was abused, said Det.-Sgt. Paul Gillespie, head of the child-exploitation unit.

The pictures are here. They’re eerie. It looks like they extrapolated the background behind where the girl was located in the picture, leaving a subtly distorted silhouette of her.



  1. Here’s something freaky —

    The police have identified the location in the pictures as the Port Orleans hotel at Disney World in Orlando. The abuse, they say, happened two years ago.

    Two years ago, I took my family to Disney World. We stayed at the Port Orleans hotel. That fountain in the picture? My daughter splashed in that fountain every morning after breakfast for five days.


  2. They’re reporting today that they’ve found the girl. She’s 11 now. The abuser was her adoptive father who is in prison on a separate charge.

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