A Fair and Balanced Review of the Mac Mini

By Deane Barker on February 2, 2005

Mac Mini: The Emperor’s New Computer: Attention: Before you rip the living hell out of this guy, please remember that he went to DeVry. And he has an MCSE.

The Mini boots up into a stripped-down operating system which Apple calls OS X, similar to the stripped-down WindowsCE OS found on many handhelds. The mini OS is going to be a significant hurdle for many buyers who are used to Windows or have favorite Windows software packages they need to use. Think of it more as a first computer for your daughter or niece than as a machine to get any serious work done and you’ll get the point of the Mini and its target market. It might also be the perfect computer for grandmothers or autistic children, for example.



  1. From the bottom of the home page;

    “All DivisionTwo content is sature. All columnists, authors, reporters, and articles are fictitious.”

    I, for one, welcome our new overlords of “sature”. The article had us rolling around the aisles at work.

  2. To answer your question Deane, yes. It was easy to tell it was a joke when he state that Safari wasn’t standards compliant because it couldn’t render MSN correctly. Kind of a bummer that you can’t use your favorite anti-virus software thought.

  3. Actually Deano, considering that half the stuff on Fox News could be considered satire, your title for this post is quite appropriate. Well done.

  4. “Apple includes a program called Mail, which is like a stripped-down email client that can’t execute scripts or open attachments without user intervention.”

    Where would we be if Outlook behaved like this? Those poor viruses would have no way of propagating.

  5. oh oh! I’ll bite! uummm What’s wrong with DeVry? It’s not like ITT. Why not check out their accreditation before making jokes? I’ll of course agree the old one is like the new one and their not a “normal” college.

    The article is a good funny read though. I had to endure 3 years at the Columbus campus with a iBook and TI but then again that’s a like the real world.

    Should have named this passage “A Fair and Balanced Review of ‘A Fair and Balanced Review of the Mac Mini’ “

  6. Tim: the most incompetent, clueless java developer I have ever had the misfortune of working with was a DeVry graduate. I’m sure that not everyone who comes out of there is like him, but the fact that they let him out really doesn’t do much to make me think well of them.

  7. This is the type of “sature” that makes you wonder if it’s for real or not, given the number of brain-washed Microsoftees there are out there. And this is from me, a long-time MCSE and Windows guru.

  8. Are you guys kidding? I really agreed with this guy’s review. He raises plenty of good points….I don’t see how you can assume so easily that the mac mini is godly and this guy’s just joking around….

  9. I sure wish I’d realized this article was a joke way back when.

    BTW, you folks entirely missed the part of the article where he said it took 15 minutes to figure out the computer was on. That was one of the other highlights. Guess the guy never heard of a power light, or trying to stick a disc in the drive and see if it gets sucked in, or pressing the caps lock key on the keyboard.

    Oh well…


  10. There are only two things in this whole article which have any truth to them at all. First, the fact that Apple still clings to a one-button-no-scroll-wheel mouse is, admittedly, retarded. Second, since this is supposed to be a switcher machine, it should have PS/2 ports on it.

    BTW, did you guys get a load of this guy’s last paragraph? Here’s the first half of it in case you were laughing so hard you just couldn’t take any more and quit reading it early.

    “So is the mini a maxi value? For me, clearly, no. When I consider that a good deal of my time is spent running applications like Disk Defragmenter, Scandisk, Norton AV, Windows Update and Ad-Aware–none of which are available for the Mac platform–it doesn’t make sense for me to “switch” to a Mac at this time.”


  11. Hey Deane; do you suppose we change this article’s category from Hardware to Geek Humor? Seems like some people are still taking this guy seriously.

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