iPod Mini at Walmart

By on February 1, 2005

Oh great. Walmart is selling iPods.

Just think… Now you can — in one easy stop — get your oil changed, pick up groceries, the latest DVD release, a low-cost Lindows laptop, a fresh pack of underwear, a 100lb bag of dog food, a Schwinn Stingray bike for your kid’s birthday, and buy an iPod. And oh so much more.

Good Lord Almighty, what’s next? Mac Mini’s at BestBuy? Oh wait; that’s already happened!

Actually, I think getting Apple products into more non-Apple stores will do wonders to broaden the user base and help people better understand the Mac. What I don’t get is Walmart selling iPods — which are portable little iTunes Music Service billboards — when they have their own online music service. And given all the reasons to hate Walmart, why would Apple want to deal with them in the first place?



  1. Why sell at Walmart? One reason may be that they’re the world’s largest retailer (Dah?).

  2. Don’t be hate’n. But it does show that the iPods are no longer geek but mainstream. You’ll have to move on to something new now to prove your geek worth.

  3. You may need to revisit your prejeudices. Walmart is simply a larger store than the other chains. I once went into 4 walmarts and 4 Targets in similar markets, and discovered Walmart paid more than Target in all four markets.

    Most of the anti-walmart stuff is from unions who want to kill Target and others also, but unless they can kill off walmart, they will never succeed in other stores.

    So give walmart a break, they are successful because they do offer better prices and better service than any other large chain. Unlike Micorosft, they do not behave like a monopoly, although they do behave like a behemith. The biggest thing to fault them on is their excessive reliance on China for sourcing. I wish they would institute a “made in America” branding program, just as I wish K-mart, Target, Sears, and the others would also.

  4. WalMart did advertise “Made in America” in their stores not too many years ago. I think saying ‘Most things made in China” would not be a good marketing ploy? Somehow telling the truth is not fashionable (unless you are thetruth.com or a movie about a advertising person telling the truth…”Crazy People”).

  5. Where are all the commentors coming from all of a sudden? This post is exactly one year old today. Anyone who comes here — where did you come from? Tell me so I don’t have to pull my referrer logs.

  6. ” Unlike Micorosft, they do not behave like a monopoly,”

    You are painfully uneducated about Wal Marts true practices, oh minimum wage job seeker. Go to the PBS.org website and read in depth there about how Wal Mart.

  7. Wow people! Walmart isn’t all that bad. Walmart is known to sell everything so they need to keep there high expectations and sell ipods at a cheap price. To ‘netanyaparsons’ I totally agree the store is fab and the people are awesome.

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