Outgoing Email Address Aliasing

By Deane Barker on January 30, 2005

Here’s a handy feature idea for an email client: outgoing email address aliasing. This means that whenever I send an email to “deane@workemail.com,” that address is substituted with “deane@homeemail.com” as the email is sent.

I have someone who always sends me email at the wrong place. If I’m at home, he sends it to work. If I’m working, he sends it home. He tells me that he just replies to where I send the email from. But it doesn’t matter where I send it from, I want all his emails to be sent to the same account.

Wouldn’t it be nice if he could create email address substitution lists in his email client? He could list all my various email addresses as aliases of the single address I want all my email to go to. Then, as his client is sending the email, it substitutes all the aliases with the correct email address.

Does this seem like something that would provide value? Or am I way off in left field here?



  1. Thunderbird (and Outlook for all I know) has a box for “Reply-to Address” when you set up your account. Is this not what it seems like it would be for? So on your end, don’t you just have to make sure you set this up with your default address?

  2. Ah, never mind. I kinda missed the original point. No matter where you are, you want the person to use the same address.

  3. Personally, I think the better model is just to move toward one big email account, with access everywhere.

    Maintaining all these different accounts shouldn’t be necessary in today’s world…

  4. Remember, I want a single specific person to always email me at a certain account, even if they’re replying to one of my emails from another account (but I can’t do it globally via “reply-to” because I may want OTHER people to reply to the sending account).

    As for just having one big account — yes, I agree this is the way to go, but it’s usually not possible due to factor beyond one’s control. Namely the fact that I have to have a business account and a personal account, and never the two shall meet.

  5. Most email clients allow for multiple outgoing account setups so that you can send from whatever account you feel like. If it’s too hard to get your friend to put your email address in his address book and always send there (rather than hitting reply), i’d just set up a special outgoing acount on both your clients so that whenever you send to this friend, you can spoof your location. That way he doesn’t know the difference and all his mail ends up where you want it.

    Besides, if you’ve really strictly separated your business and personal accounts, it’s better to never send your personal mail with your business reply-to, and vice versa. That one extra step avoids a whole pile of possible messes.

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