The Maximog

By Deane Barker on January 30, 2005

I was watching a thing on The History Channel the other night on the Unimog, which is the Swiss Army Knife of trucks. The core Unimog truck can be extended eight million different ways with little snap-on attachments. It can become a snow plow, fire truck, lawnmower, etc. Very cool.

This got me thinking about the Maximog, a derivitave of the Unimog, which I know we’ve talked about here before, but I can’t find the post. So here goes:

The MaxiMog Expedition System is a modular high mobility vehicle designed for exploring this (or similar) planets. Designed for flexibility in both form and function, it provides safe access and crew support to remote destinations.

Consisting of a main vehicle, and a variety of mission specific accessories, it provides comfortable rapid transportation over highways and developed roads combined with the ability able to cope with extreme and hostile environmental conditions.

They’re not kidding. The Maximog is what James Bond, Lara Croft, and Indiana Jones would drive if they had the choice. I want to describe here, but I couldn’t do it justice. Read the specification for the main vehicle — telescopic masts, thermal monitoring, night vision, vertical clearance laser, ultrasonic backup distance measurement system, snorkel air induction system with sealed powertrain, etc.

When you’re done, look at what you can do with the trailer. If you still think it’s too pedestrian, tack on the optional motorcyle, unmanned aerial vehicle, or jet boat.

As for how much it costs:

Well, let’s just say that it costs more than a Hummer and less than a Boeing 777 — and you can’t buy this one. However, you can have one built just like it, or to your precise specifications by the same company, Unicat.

In reading through this, it seems like a joke. Do they really make machines like this? Someone tell me this is a parody site of some kind.