Wither the Television?

By Deane Barker on January 29, 2005

Am I the only one whose television and DVD player is getting neglected these days? Lately, I’ve taken to watching both TV shows and DVD movies exclusively on my computer.

I don’t have a really great set-up either. My monitor is a Gateway VX900T — a 19-inch Trinitron that I bought (used) five years ago. I also have an old Altec Lansing speaker system with a subwoofer that’s so old I have to Scotch tape the input jack into the speaker.

What I do have going for me is a couch in my office on which I can sit about five feet from the monitor. This set-up and proximity is almost perfect for watching TV and movies on the computer.

I just watched “Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow” on DVD (great, great movie, by the way). That film was shot in digital, high defintion, and the resolution on my monitor was absolutely astonishing. The scene where Dex is escaping from the island and the Ark is launching in the background was so detailed it left me slack-jawed.

Television is just as good. I don’t have a TV capture card, but that doesn’t matter because I tend to just watch certain shows faithfully which I download. I’ve spoken here before about my tendency to watch North Shore (more on this on my personal site), and I get spoiled because the torrents I download are all ripped from hi-def sources. Hi-def on computer monitors is amazing, and it leaves me disappointed when I have to actually watch the show on TV during its time slot.

Consequently to all of this, my television gets less and less use these days. Now, all I need is a remote control.



  1. I hate watching anything on my PC (no comment necessary, Joe). I was at Ultimate last night pricing new stuff for the future home theater; my components are all late-model 94’s.

    Sky Captain was a good film, although I wouldn’t say it left me slack-jawed. I thought it was pretty clever that Laurence Olivier made a post-mortem appearance.

  2. From someone who has lived in the desert for the last year with almost non-existant access to TV, yes, I have been watching a lot of movies and TV shows on my PC. Having friends back home download shows (network only, of course) and send them over on DVDs has been a great addition to what entertainment we can access. I now have hours and hours of TV to watch and share.

    With that said, however, I am less than 2 weeks away from the 55″ Sony that I bought on leave…I think my TV will get too much attention soon.

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