AOL to Drop Usenet

By Deane Barker on January 24, 2005

AOL discontinuing newsgroup service: Obviously, you can still get them through Google Groups, but is it the same?

America Online says it will no longer provide subscribers with access to Usenet newsgroups. When you visit keyword “newsgroups” while signed on to the service, a pop-up appears with the following message:

Please Note: The AOL Newsgroup service will be discontinued in early 2005.

For some people, Web mail is all they know. Other have never seen Usenet outside Google or the old Deja News. Is it becoming an HTML world?



  1. i don’t know, i’ve found it hard to use Usenet every since google @$#^% its news section. I tried a news reader, but nothing seems to work like google did before they upgraded it (you could search groups and post where ever you wanted, not olny where you subscribed to). any sugestions for a replament ?

  2. Actually I would say it is becoming an XML world, and yeah its a bit of a shame. I used to spend way more time that I would like to admit in usegroups and IRC and now usegroups are fading and IRC is all porn and pirates (although that definatly had its place back then too, but there was more legit content on both.)

  3. i don’t know, when i used google groups you could DL anything, you could olny read messages, so for the first few years thati used it i didn’teven know that you could download porn, gmaes, and music via usenet.

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