eBay Problems

By Deane Barker on January 24, 2005

‘Integrity of eBay markeplace’ at risk – sellers’ group | The Register: All is apparently not well in the house of eBay.

It has been a bad few days for eBay. Last week more than $12bn was wiped off the value of the dotcom auction house as it warned that its financial performance for 2005 is unlikely to live up to bullish expectations.

Now discontent is growing among its big traders, who are dismayed with recent price rises imposed by ebaby and alarmed about the reputation of the online marketplace.



  1. About time ebay had an adjustment. their fees have been over the top for a long time. And I think people are realizing more and more than just because you found it on eBay doesn’t mean it is a “great” deal. Or more likely now a days even a good deal. I always do an eBay search for equipment and most of the time I can find it new at the same or slightly higher than on eBay, unless it is being provided by someone with feedback of less than 10.

    A new customer of our has spent a lot of money on her eCommerce site to try to break away from the eBay fees. Of course she is still using PayPal for payments because of the links they provide from eBay but it is a slow road to break away from a successful eBay business to a fully independent one using only PPC.

  2. I saw the fees e-mail at 8:00 am as i was rushing out of the house and the first thing i said was something like this was going to happen. What were they thinking? For a 2,000 dollar item (picked a high price to get it all three brackets of FVFs) your fees have now been doubled.

  3. I just received the “corporate” email from eBay’s new North American President, Bill Cobb, in which he invited responses from eBay members. My reply was answered with an automated response, re-directing me to a number of other unresponsive customer service email addresses. Here’s my letter for what it’s worth:

    Good luck Bill!

    (Please forgive me if this is a duplicate as I responded to your email letter and received an automated “Unexpected reply handler” response. I’ve gotten used to that.)

    Congratulations on your appointment to your new position, and, I sincerely mean “good luck”.

    If you’ve got a turn-around in mind, then you’ve got one big job ahead of you. For a start, might I suggest you go back to the page when eBay went public. That’s when there occurred a separation in the “community” between eBay and the sellers. The whole attitude of eBay became quite obviously “what’s in it for eBay?” At that point, the “community” became two communities, the first being eBay and the second, the sellers who became secondary. Yes, I will agree that “eBay has become a hugely successful marketplace” and largely “as a result of the…and…hard work of our community”. This raises an obvious question, think about it: “what would eBay be if no sellers listed anything to sell?” Somebody dropped the ball and lost sight of this concept too long ago. However, eBay’s unresponsiveness, insensitivity and lack of empathy for both the loyal sellers and buyers have created nothing less than an image of a new and very greedy corporate image. Ask eBay users of over the past few years about customer service and surely you’ll hear a chorus of “What customer service?” Surely there’s a monopolistic corporate attitude at eBay that says “we’re it, we’re the only one, we’re the only place sellers can go…” Unfortunately for eBay, that’s not necessarily the case. Many of the entrepreneurial sellers who helped make eBay what it is (was) are returning to their previous marketing means, i.e. flea markets, craft fairs, collectable and hobby shows, etc. Many have even taken their new selling skills to the next level, onto the internet with the development of personal web sites which are in direct competition with eBay. eBay, by its myopic unresponsiveness, greed and inflexibility, has forced many of its foundation community to leave and evolve on their own. And, in the meantime, eBay just stagnates, mired in blind, self-preservation.

    But Bill, I don’t portend to speak for the entire community of “little guys” who used to find eBay not only profitable, but enjoyable, exciting, fun, fair and honest as well. I think I speak for many of us who’ve seen the tide turn to the sole benefit of eBay at that at the cost of “our” community. There’s an attitude prevalent out there that says the only beneficiary in a deal with eBay, is eBay. Quite frankly, I have heard the term “ebay community” too much. To me, and many others for sure, all that it means is just a synonym for “what’s good for eBay”. Every time a change is announced it is all too obvious that it is always more of a benefit to eBay than it is to the traditionally described “community”. If eBay persists in this mode of development, perhaps a less transparent strategy should be employed, eh? As a seller, I have always felt eBay’s hands in my pockets, but in the last few years, I have been feeling more than just my money being squeezed!

    That’s not to say that I have personally given up on eBay, however. For the past couple of years, I have still come back every other month or so with the hope of profiting with an auction or two. Unfortunately, it seems that eBay has been gaining the reputation of being the bargain basement of internet shopping and prices are reflecting that. My items see drastically fewer hits, attract significantly lower prices, and rarely do I sell upon the first or second listing. All too many of my auctions end with deadbeats who never acknowledge or pay. My recent results have been lackluster at best, and much to my dismay, eBay fees have usually been exceeding profits! A friend of mine (who has given up on eBay, mind you) has added to the old adage about life’s only certainties: i.e.. death and taxes, to include eBay fees! Even when deadbeats spoil my auctions, eBay gets paid! That’s a sorry statement if you consider all the implications.

    Perhaps you may find that you have opened Pandora’s Box with this, your letter to us. I know there are many, many past eBayer’s like me out here who have become nothing less than disappointed, discouraged and resentful about how eBay has changed. Hopefully, there will be enough of us little guys in the “community” who have not yet quite given up hope, to respond to your invitation for our input. In the past, I have offered my constructive criticism and advice to Meg, and while I must admit there have been responses, they have always been by delegated underlings, and in generic, redundant terms, at best.

    Well, I have said enough Bill. Like I said before and I sincerely mean it, good luck! You’ve got a big job cut out for you… hope you can turn things back around for all of us!

    Harry Bosyk, for “winfield-traders”

  4. EBay was a good company until it went public. Before the IPO it has to care for it’s Sellers and Buyers, and in my view it really tried, but once the time limits were up for the CEO and other Exec’s to be able to start cashing their stock options, then the company quickly got out of control with fee’s, lack of customer service, and virtually no enforcement of rules and regulations. People can get ripped off fast, especially with the Globalization where foreign sellers come online with outrageous, and cleverly disguised shipping rates that new buyers are afraid not to pay. EBay needs a serious competitor, and it is surprising to me that a serious heavyweight has not stepped forward.

  5. Hi:

    I wonder what is going to happenm about the Ebay shuffle. It is like Ebay sucks the little man into getting a taste of freedom from a routine job by making a little money. Next thing you know he has one or two employees…..then 3 and 4 and so on….then one day he gets a suspended notice because they didn’t like the way he posted an ad, or the fact his phone number changed and didn’t update his records. Well this is a reallity that happened to me and from the net 1000’s of others. Then it takes 2 weeks to see that EBay screwed up and you have to lay off half your work force and start over…What is up with that?….all of a sudden things are great and the great powers of EBay just shuts your business down for no rym or reason…not letting you have a say over the matter untill you are out of business….I think this is a major issue and has to be resolved…You submit an email in hopes that the lazy staff gets off their ass and actually sends you back a real email, other than the form one I got the last 13 days. Are they humans that work there?…I’m really thinking about flying to the corporate office just to see….Other than that they are just a bunch of impersonal heartless bastards…


  6. Major problems with Ebay and Paypal:

    Bought item from ebay seller, received item – smelled like an animal died in it (presumbably a dead mouse?) returned ebay item -with seller’s permission,- plus seller indicated on ebay selling page “returns accepted – refunds given – want customers to be happy” seller received item – (signature proof) Seller refused to refund money because” she is sick of people returning items” filled out appropriate forms with EBAY and PAYPAL Filed report on line with “internet fraud division” called local presinct in her area They can’t do anything unless I travel down to her area ([location deleted] from ny) and file a small’s claim report. IMPOSSIBLE – no funds – full time student.. Seller received item but then replied “no refund – I don’t smell anything, sick of people returning items, I changed my future sellings pages to NO REFUNDS” This seller is: [username deleted]: [name deleted], [location deleted] CAVEAT EMPTOR (Buyer Beware) This seller is a MAJOR Con Artist and she is also a Federal Postal Service Frauder – meaning she forwards the item (united states postal service)with insurance, customer (buyer) refuses, and she eventually files a “loss” to united postal service “she never received item” and collects the insurance amount, which is usually a bit greater than what the item cost.

    I have filed all APPROPRIATE REPORTS and intend to follow this to then end – with me winning!

    So BEWARE CAVEAT EMPTOR: Ebay Member : [username deleted] from [location deleted] – [name deleted]

  7. Sellers Beware of harsh-handed eBay practices!

    Sellers have no voice in the eBay community. Although we continue to be their workhorse, eBay’s rigid, inflexible practices of supsending accounts without refereeing the circumstances puts sellers out of business. EBay has invested much money and effort at attracting sellers into this market. They have, historically, provided a means for people to have an alternative venue to earn income with a reasonable degree of security. The company even offers support to people and schools who train individuals to become sellers in the eBay Community. However, nobody is safe from big business in the “Community” of eBay.

    What do I mean? eBay invites big business in to act as watchdogs over its sellers in the form of what eBay calls their “VeRO Participants”program. Basically, eBay invites them in to alleviate risk of these businesses sueing eBay over “Intellectual Copyright Infringements” due to a few bad sellers. The conflict occurs when VeRO Participants complain about copyright infringement to eBay and eBay shuts you down based on the allegations without notice. eBay claims that they inform the sellers of their offenses and gives them time and the information to correct their listings so that they do not offend big business. They rarely do an didn’t afford me this opportunity as they do not afford sellers the benefit of doubt. By their own admission, eBay does not investigate these matters. They simply take the word of big business leaving the long-time, loyal sellers with no recourse and weeks without an account to sell from. Most importantly, this activity by the VeRO Participants frees up the Emarketplace with less competition and pushes these customers right into their laps.

    Yes, I know there are alot of people out there who do steal coppyrights every day. Some are aware of what they are doing and others aren’t. Many, however, have not stolen anything, but there is no eBay customer support available who will work with its sellers and VeRO Participants to resolve matters. eBay assumes the role of Judge and simply shuts you down (in the middle of auctions) and accusses its sellers of wrongdoing. They even go out of their way to advertise to current bidders during these forclosed auctions that high bidders do not have to fulfill the agreement as the seller was suspended. EBay leaves you out there like a scolded child without any evidence to back up their actions. Finally, after alot of searching, I tracked down a hidden phone number for Customer Support through an eBay-complaint website. The first question you are asked when you call this number is “How did you find out about this phone number?” Even though I am a stockholder, that wasn’t enough to earn myself any politeness or understanding. This number is not really there to provide customer support at all. It is just there so that eBay can legally say that they have one, despite their hard efforts to conceal it.

    EBay asked me, through an email, for specific information to resolve the matter. They even made me sign an agreement before they would consider reinstatement. I didn’t have a real choice as this was my only means of income along with two other people whom I employed. I signed it, faxed it over, and even contacted the specific VeRO participant and had a discussion with him regarding his complaint. The participant’s information was finally revealed to me after 6 emails and 3 tough telephone conversations at the so-called Customer Support number. Turns out, it was simply a misunderstanding. The CEO of the company even contacted eBay via the same email address I had to help me resolve the matter and still NOTHING. Nothing except the same formatted letters that plague all eBayers – many words without alot of content.

    It has been a month now. Despite 25 emails, 5 telephone calls, 1 unreturned call to the office of the President, 1 email from the VeRO Participant to eBay in my support, 3 faxes giving eBay the same information, and after laying off 2 of my workers I am still without a seller’s account. But “Horatio” with eBay’s Community Watch Team still finds time to send me the identical formatted letter over and over again whenever I make an inquiry.

    EBay is hugely successful and, if my information is correct, they grew somewhere close to 50% last year grossing hundreds of millions of dollars. EBay needs to put some of that money into securing the backbone of its success – the sellers. Specifically, they need to provide real customer support and staff an army of operators to help resolve the simplest of conflicts rather than accuse its sellers, in the harshest way, of wrongdoing by suspending their sellers account. Without it, I think eBay is near the point of leveling off its success as many sellers look for freindlier harbors to conduct business in.

    Regards, Jamison

  8. In the past I have always enjoyed selling on ebay. However since the days of going Public fees have gotten so high that now I rarely sell on ebay. It seems every time you turn around they are doubling the prices on all fees not including the push to get everyone signed up with Paypal. Which is another Pandora’s box for many sellers and buyers alike. I can remember when ebay did everything possible to deter you from using Paypal until a point when ebay gobbled them up. Everytime you have a problem no support can be expected from a live human body, just the old email form letter. Myself, like many friend of mine, sell gun related items on ebay which in itself can cause lots of headache by the self imposed rules they have for governing of selling legal items. An example is high capacity magazines, which after the Clinton ban expired are now legal to sell and purchase. Except on ebay They state 10 round capacity which is a joke in itself. 30 and 40 round capacity are sold on ebay all the time, but you better state in the auction these are “10 rd magazine”. I just wish Meg and some of her corporate buddys would have to take the role of the small guy and just see what so many of us are up against with exuberant high prices and no support. But with all the millions she has she does not have to worry where her next dollar is coming from. I feel ebay in time will fall in on itself. Sure wish a new auction service would go online. Good luck to all you hard working sellers!

  9. My complaint with Ebay is that if you have a problem, you cannot get help. There is live chat, but the person there is powerless to do anything but refer you to a URL which just gives you a form to fill out. I tried to retract a bid and was told I was unable to becuase the auction had ended. It had days to go, but when trying to place a bid for $2000 for a car with a buy it now price of $10,000. I immediately got a screen saying I had just won the auction. I immediately notified the seller who has not returned my email yet, and immediately went to live chat. who referred me to a URL where I filled out a form only to be informed I could not retract because auction was over.. The auction was over immediately… instantly with no chance for me to correct whatever mistake was made. And Ebay is intractible about helping me retract the bid that I NEVER MADE any bid at all !!!!!!!!!!. What the F_ is up with these arrogant people? They are obviously too cheap to put on enough help to deal with their customers. The top guys are drawing so much money they can’t afford to hire enough people to run their business… just palm you off on a form… Ebay sucks.

  10. Oh what a joy Ebay has been! I have been a seller for over a year now with 100% + feedback mind you. Ebay has put a selling limit on my account imagine that and for no reason other than they want to keep it this a safe place to trade. (ha,ha,ha) This all started when I did a overseas item (against my better judgement) This buyer was from russia also with 100%+ feedback however only 3 hey we all have to start somewhere. The item was to be shipped to Germany assuming it was for a present. Buyer never recieved the item however item was returned to me. Buyer refused to give proper address, so i opted to give a full refund. Buyer send me the following e-mails:Saint-Petersburg Russia the 26th of May 2005

    Dear MaxMarsJewels,

    In connection with your yesterday’s declaration in the dispute started on 14.05.05 in eBay about your unilateral solution to close the matter and issue full refund (the value is not stated) of paid on 20.04.05 and undelivered item #4984383541 won in the auction please be informed as follows:

    The item was purchased for a certain purpose which was not achieved due to your actions and inactions (failure to ship the item) and due to presentation of incomplete, unsufficient, untrue and conterfeit information you mislead the buyer and forced him to clarify the information of sending the item on his own accord bearing material losses and moral damage.

    The buyer files a claim of material and moral character against you in this connection the buyer proposes to satisfy the claim in the amount of $15300 in out-of-court order within 3 days. In case you refuse to reimburse the losses in out-of-court order the buyer reserves the right to file the case to the court for reimbursement of material and moral damage in case full settlement within the frames of current eBay regulations is not possible. So now the buyer is trying to extort money from me how cute. I send all pertinent information to ebay. Imagine this a form letter telling me it is out of Ebays jurisdiction. Imagine that! It gets better than this buyer now wants my 21.72 Tanzanite as full redemption and then the matter will be settled:Dear maxmarsjewels2,

    At present time I could take this item as redemption of full amount which is on the way to be claimed against you in the view of my claims of moral and material character. In case you agree please let me know as soon as possible and we will close the conflict matter. The proposal is valid until Monday 30.05.05. I would be excited too considering the item they bought was $800 and the Tanzanite was appraised at $18,000. Now ebay condones extortion great! Now in order for me to sell again Ebay wants front and back copies of my driver’s license, credit card statements, and invoices to prove I have the items I am selling. No credit card statements form me. Ebay is allowed to give out all your personal information as they see fit. This guy has called and harrased me several times on the phone. But is out of Ebay’s jurisdiction about the phone issue because there are privacy laws. It seems to me Ebay could care less! Today i searched for this buyer through the yahoo directory imagine no such person exsists. Ain’t that sweet. Ebay does not simply care what a shame they lost an excellent ebayer here. I have filed to the FBI IFCC division as well as the Federal Trade Commision. I have also forwarded all the material I have to attys. Girard and Gibbs who were on board for the PayPal lawsuit. I believe if enough of us band together we could get ebay to open their eyes and see what exactly they are doing! Any comments gladly taken:) MaxMarsJewels

  11. This is [username deleted] – [name deleted] referred to by AD on April 8.

    This buyer bid on and won an item of mine. When they got it they emailed they were returning it. I emailed why? They said it smelled. I told them to return it. When I got it, it DID NOT SMELL. I had 5 other people smell it, it does not smell.

    So I sent it back, refusing refund. She refused the package and it was returned to me.

    People seem to think this is a good excuse (it smells) to return items. Returns cost me money, I’m not Walmart.

    So she proceeded to send flaming emails to me. At first according to her, I could resell it. How could I resell it if it smells bad? (first admission of a lie). Then it changed from smelling slightly musty to smelling like mouse urine now like an animal died in it. (lie number 2 and 3).

    I have been on ebay for 5 years with a positive feedback of over 1700 and only 5 negatives, one being this thieve’s.

    I was going to send her money back to her, but she kept on sending nasty email to me even after I told her she would be refunded. Since all of the email. I’ve left it in eBay and PayPal’s hands to determine if I should refund her.

    An eBay bid is a binding contract. The auction was not misleading. She got caught up in the bidding wars and bid too much for the item. But that is not my problem.

    I delivered what I described. She should be responsible for her actions.

    She doesn’t even have enough integrity to give her name just intials. But she can state my name.

    Sellers beware of this fraud, kaxmir ebay id. Should I post her real name?.

    As far as filing with the Postal service, that is lie number 4!!! This one just doesn’t quit!!!

    I have never in my life filed a loss with the Post Office. It is up to the buyer to pay for insurance. That covers their loss not mine. She’s really a sick person. Only person who refused delivery of an item was her. I have the purse in the same box I sent it in to her.

    So if any fraud was committed with the post office, perhaps it was her? She refused delivery, not me.

    It’s a shame there are people like this out there. ebay was fun. Bidders need to ber made responsible for their bids.

    I’m forwarding her earlier message to eBay. She doesn’t need to be a part of that community.

    [name deleted]

  12. I hear you shelterguy, ebay sucks alwright, I got screwed as a buyer and a seller, this idiot lied and got all my listings removed, sent me abusive emails and ebay wouldnt help what so ever. I took them up to a week to answer my questions and most of the time if I had an enquiry, I was sent a bloody survey to fill in, lol, I see the funny side of it now. I ended up being suspended anyway, for nothing, when the Power sellers were selling exactly the same items as I was and that was fine with ebay. Being suspended made me fell realy bad at the time, till I discovered all I had to do was re register under an alias, just like most of the others did. Then to top it all off I get an email from ebay to pay my account, into their Swiss bank account, lol, christ.

  13. For over a year I was selling a product on ebay with the full support of the manufacturer and then another seller starts selling the same product. Not a problem, I don’t mind competition but then the other seller files a VeRO notice against me and my account is suspended and ebay expect me to beg to get reinstated.

    The worst part is that the complainant has no rights over the product and I am in fact the sole UK distributor for this product. But as many people have learned the hard way VeRO is a great way of removing competing sellers – no proof required.

    And yes ebay customer service is possibly the worst in the world considering the enormous profits they make.

    The strange thing is that my auctions were removed very quickly on the word of an unscrupulous seller but when I filed a VeRO notice against this seller and included a signed statement from the product manufacturer stating that I am the only approved UK distributor they have so far taken no action at all.

    The phrase “banging my head against a brick wall” springs to mind.

  14. Well – here is a good one for you! I’ve been on ebay for over 5 years and manage ebay stores for several very large sellers. I paid my fees and ebay charged me 10 times within seconds. After being given the runaround with live chat, emails and forms – I too found a customer service number that I wasn’t supposed to have, in addition to contact names. I just so happened to get ahold of one of them – and much to my surprise she was very helpful and nice. When I got off the phone I felt as though ebay was redeeming itself to me – UNTIL today. Today, I have 5 more charges, in addition to over $300 in insufficients funds fees via my bank – I haven’t been refunded a dime as of yet. I’ve spent over 5 hours on email, forms, live chat and phone calls – to no avail. So here I sit – trying desperately to figure out what to do, how to get my money, crying, screaming, and not knowing how I can feed by 7 seven children. My husband has passed away, and this is what I do to make money – I sell on Ebay. Obviously, as of today, I have walked away from ebay – my livelyhood. Not sure what I will do – but since they now owe me $2538 – I guess I will have to go stand on the corner and see what I can make. Ebay sucks – royally, completely and I simply can’t wait til I can get my day in court, make them pay, and make them a spectical. Ok – my 2 cents! Enjoy your trading on ebay – I’m outta here!

  15. We all must realize what Ebay and Paypal are all about. They are all about making money. They could careless about right or wrong. The people that makes them the most money is ALWAYS right, and those that don’t are ALWAYS wrong. They advertise fraud protection, but there isn’t any. How could they protect anyone without any sort of quality control? When you buy something off Ebay, cross your fingers and pray that you get what you paid for, or get anything at all for that matter. And when you use Paypal to “safely and quickly” pay for your stuff, good luck getting your money back from them after you hit the “Send” button. Yet, Ebay is still growing by leaps and bounds year over year. In the end, we only got ourselves to blame. We support them by using their services. We grow them into the beast they are by subverting to their haphazard rules. While the title of this blurp is “Ebay SUCKS!”, it is really about me looking into the mirror, slapping myself into the realization that even though I know what I was getting into, I did it anyway. That one bad experience with Ebay and Paypal finally happened to me, but I wonder if I would ever use their service again!

  16. I am new to ebay this year and have had a lot of success thus far; but of course now I am starting to have trouble with them and pay pal. I can see that this business is clearly illegitimate and with time it will be forced to evolve or die. Here is a hopelessly ambitious idea..but it would be the only one that would deflate the company big time immediately…a gargantuan class action suit taken on by some equally unscrupulous lawfirm to “sickum” to the tune of 100 billion dollars or so.

  17. Ebay has to have the worse customer service. I am not going to repeat everything I have read… but it has all happened to me. Suspension, send your cc info, license and the rest of the bull.. try this.. the local want ads.. Go back to old school.. I did and I am doing well.. and the costs are not even near ebay prices.. Hopefully, a big company like google will start up another online auction like squeagle.com.. and all us sellers can be back in business again …Without sellers there are not buyers… but that is hard to see from the cabin of Megs ship sailing around the world or Bill Cobbs jet as they laugh themselves to sleep at night. Thank ebay for there computer generated responses and the follow up..”How did we do letter ” You sucked!! Thats how you did!!. CM..

  18. I agree with ALL here about EBAY, it does not care if you get ripped off, they have no powere or care to do anything about the scams and thieves they ARE SUPPORTING, it will end for them soon,stock will go down and they will be replaced, even ATT no longer will be a company, E bay will be replaced!

  19. yes, indeed. EBAY SUCKS REAL BAD!! I got suspended today with my 100% possitive feed back. never have a negative or problem with customer what so ever, always pay the fees on time. Ebay kicked me out for no reason given. no e-mail telling why or so and so. well now I stuck with products in my hands, am confused of where to sell them. wonder how to make a money buy food and pay rent. well, just want to share it with you. people who have or had the same situation, i am totally feeling your pain. anybody thinking of getting into ebay BEWARE!!!! you future is not 100% in your hands at all. if any of you know better sites than ebay please let me know. I am totally go there. good luck you all.


  21. ebay sucks, the person who ripped me off is still selling on ebay. reported to local police who said they dont get involved in these things, its a private matter between both parties (buyer and seller). I think ebay knows this and so allows them to make money even if a few thousand people get ripped off in the process. belive it when you read people saying there is no customer support, Its true

    another thing got me thinking why do they have a link called (iam a law enforcement offical) in there report a problem pages??????? Is this just in case some one rips off a copper. so that ebay can bend over backwards to help them sort out there problem so that ebay wont get there name or image sullied in the Media or mabey taken to court

  22. I have recenlty experienced a shocker from Ebay. I have been a buyer for five years occasionally selling. I have had many successful transactions. Unfortunately a growing number of unsuccessful ones. Ebay has no customer service for buyers, yet without buyers what happens to the sellers? I was going along taking the bad with the good because I believe in the concept of bringing good people together to do business this way. Feeling confident that we could overcome the bad by being cautious and doing our part to honestly warn others etc. Then I began having problems with shipping or should I say recieving my items because I have a PO BOX. But that frustrating as it was would not discourage me. All of the sudden I get an unpaid item reminder from a seller who agreed to deliver a refrigerator I purchased on a COD basis. I responded to the notice and the seller immediately closed and filed a strike. I had, unknown to me recieved an unpaid item strike somehow from another seller, who by the way said they didn’t know why since the item was paid for right away, AND IN AN INSTANT I WAS KICKED OFF. I immediately disputed these unwarranted strikes and my suspension with NO response from Ebay for two days. In the mean time I am involved in a thousand dollars worth of transactions. Please read what I have said to them and SUPPORT change to protect honest sellers and buyers.

    Message: Your suspension is absolutely rediculous. I have a lot more feedback than the seller. Furthermore I am trying to track many other purchases which have been paid for. If a real person would review the facts I am sure this could be resolved. I am very upset about this and even when reinstated and thes transactions are all cleared up I have serious reservations about doing business on Ebay in the future. I have had numerous problems with sellers lately in this one is ludicrous. I would like to speak with a person. I can be reached at

    Customer concern: On Sept. 15th I called again to try and resolve this. I was told simply too bad we are relisting the item. The seller never wanted to sell it to me at that price. They should have placed a reserve price. They have lied to me about delivery and avoided my emails. Now the unpaid item strike. The listing clearly states COD is an acceptable payment method and delivery is 150.00 to California and Nevada. As I have already stated. When the seller did not respond to my email about picking the item up on Sept. 12th I called and spoke to a female employee. She put me on hold to see if that would be aceptable and when she returned to the line I was told that the company had to have it moved before then. The reason was that they were going to become a General Electric only store and needed to make room for GE appliances. Not wanting to cause any problems I then confirmed the delivery address previously sent be email with her and we agreed that they were going to deliver for 150.00 which would be paid with the purchase price, cash at Delivey, COD. Then about a week later I called again and reconfirmed that I needed the item delivered. The next thing I know in on day they file an unpaid item. As I said I immediately telephoned again and no cooperation from seller. I would have paid by credit card through Paypal if they had requested that but they did not. Since the seller has very little feedback and I have been ripped off by other sellers I was reluctant to pay in advance. I was and am willing to drive to the sellers store to take care of the matter personally but thety simply want to relist so they can sell at a higher price. The relist fees are nothing compared to an unpaid item strike. I have 265 Positive feedbacks on transactions up to ten thousand dollars, most as a buyer some as a seller. I have had one retaliatory negative feedback. Everything else POSITIVE. I ask how can your policy be so discriminatory? Two people fail to communi! cate with me and goodbye. WOW

    Message: Where is the Justice. In fact for that matter where is the service? You don’t protect buyers and even when there are mistakes made by others I have to pay. Not only is this very frustrating but it is embarrassing. I am doing repeat business with people who now see that I am suspended. When you see that this is a cruel mistake will you email these people to let them know I did not deserve to be treated this way? I doubt anyone cares. The decision will go without notice by all. Too bad, there are a lot of good Ebayers and this is a fantastic concept to connect good people for the purpose of conducting FAIR trade. Because your service is terrible and the protection from bad and dishonest people is severely inadequate, many people such as myself are having serious reservations about using Ebay.

    Message: Below is a copy of your policy which you are not adhering to. It has been almost 48 hours since my dispute and not only has no one contacted me I never recieved an automated response to acknowledge any of my emails. This is Urgent!!!! I am involved in a number of paid transactions and I am having problems with some of the sellers.

    Turnaround time for email inquiries We will always respond to you as quickly as possible, usually within 24 to 48 hours. If you have an urgent question, we will try to answer sooner.

    Please remember that response time can depend on many factors, such as the number of other emails we have received before yours, and how complex your issue is. While it may sometimes take longer than 24 to 48 hours to hear from us, you can be assured that we are working to answer you as soon as we can.

    Confirming that we received your email As soon as we receive your email, we will send you an automatic response to let you know that we’re working on answering your question. That way, you can be assured that your message has reached us. If you send us a question and you don’t get an automatic response, please check to see if your email program has a “spam filter” in operation. If so, this filter might be blocking emails from eBay, or directing them to a “bulk” mailbox.


  23. I got suspended from ebay with 100% positive feedback. No one will respond to my emails. I have jewelry I am selling and purchases I have made and they wont let me make them. I have sent at least 5 emails to them a day and not one response. Can someone gve me an idea what to do….PLEASE …………


  25. Purchased a Nikon camera from a seller who had only 1 to sell. Bought it. Payed with Pay-Pal. Transaction completed. No word or contact from seller. Not even a thank you for the money I sent. Sent email to seller, ebay, and Paypal. So far, nothing. Now, ebay says the seller is no longer a registered user. So, what the hell am I supposed to do? The seller won’t answer the phone and won’t answer e-mails. I can’t even find a number to call customer service, only California addresses.

  26. My wife bought in December a violin from eBay, grafimax from violin depot form Canada that I payed using paypal. We never received it because the post office here never told us the parcel arrived and the seller took almost a month to give us the tracking number. But when he finally did it, the parcel was sent back to the States.

    A seller that wants to be quickly payed but who is not able to correct his mistakes. Now more than three months after we still do not have this violin and he refused to give us the information we needed to get money back for transportation.

    Silly boy. ebay and Paypal did nothing to help. It is like the seller is more protected than the buyer. It might be my last auction on eBay and I guess I will stop using paypal.



  27. I’m really frustrated that eBay allows sellers to offer items as “Buy It Now” when the seller doesn’t even have the item in stock. I just recently had a problem with eBay seller dressed2the9s after doing a BIN and paying immediately. I kept emailing them asking about my item (with no response back) and it took them 11 days just to tell me it wasn’t in stock. They offered a refund which I accepted but after another week of asking about the refund I finally got a response that the item had shipped.

    I did everything I could. I paid on time. I kept in contact with the seller. And I still got slammed by eBay because the seller eventually did ship. I should have just filed a Non-Performing Seller and Item Not Received.

    eBay only sides with the PowerSeller. The responsible buyer is screwed either way. And now I am stuck with a retaliatory negative feedback because I told the truth in my feedback to the seller.

  28. Ebay’s short comings Contact me at JeepFraud@cableone.net

    People when you leave NEGATIVE feedback on a high cost item make it count. There are many email providers that you can set up an account with so you can give the readers a contact point.

    Like most people I look for the gray or red in the feed back section. After a purchase I found the negative feed back is changed to neutral and positive is never changed to negative or neutral. If the original feed back is negative and later is settled by agreement it is changed to neutral. Original feed back left as positive and later problems occur it is left as positive even when it should be negative.

    DO NOT leave feedback on a high dollar purchased until you are sure it as described and there are no hidden problems.

    Example seller had a feedback of 106 with 97.5% positive. Afer reading all of the feedback I found his rating should have been 85% or less. I found 15 negatives. Most were covered with a positive green +. I would never have bid on his item with a 85% rating.

    Save all of your emails. ALL of your emails from the seller and others devoted to the item. Take pictures of the vehicle, inside and out. Compare them to the listing. Do your own list of problems and differences even if they are not covered by the protection offered by eBay. They don’t cover much. The Vehicle protection plan is so limited that most claims are not covered.

    Ebay has a policy of 35 days to file. This is important. The seller will hold the car or shipping takes 10 – 15 days, Inspection and troubleshooting takes 2-3 days. If needed SquareTrade takes up to 10 days, and they take it all. You are looking at 4-5 days to file and PROVIDE all that they want. If you miss even one dead line you loose by default.

    Do the work from the beginning, not the end. Make copies of everything. Take pictures, and save all emails. You will also need a picture or link to the original listing. Get ready JUST IN CASE. If possible put everything in a PDF file so you can send it with a claim.

    If you have a problem don’t depend on an email send the seller a certified letter as will. This may change his mind on helping resolve the problem as you have set him up for a legal action as well as an eBay claim.

    Sellers know that the Vehicle protection is very limited and try to get in under the $1500.00 requirement. Don’t just accept that you are out of luck. Leave negative feedback if it is not as described. NO NOT USE NEUTRAL feedback. If you are unhappy with the product. The next buyer is looking to you as a safe guard.

    Now to changes that need to be made by eBay:

    eBay is allowing sellers to keep bid list private on listing eBay is allowing sellers to keep item # private on feedback eBay does not post Vehicle Purchase Protection claims made against the seller. This should be post as a negative in feedback. Positive feedback that changes should be changed to negative or at the least neutral. Negative should not be changed to neutral. Seller should not be allowed to leave negative retribution feed back when buyer paid and completed the purchase. There should be a claim process to stop this. There should be a contact site on eBay for buyers that want to exchange information on real problems not “feeding the world” or “muffins”. A site where a buyer can post problems with sellers and email contact point for private exchange of information. Buyers can also request information on sellers that they are looking at.

    Looking forward to seeing what you think should be changed.


  29. Similiar experience with eBays non protection of buyers and sellers. Car was significantly not as described. There we 35 pix showing a vehicle in very good shape and cleaned up. Description was “well maintained” and “everything works”. By the time you pay for it, ship it and then find out the problems, you are out of time and luck. The vehicle protection policy is a joke. Unless there is no engine or trans it is useless. I put $2000 into it in ten days for safety, roadworthiness. and to pass inspection. The ad description had the exact wording in parenthesis above. It did not say restorable, needs work , mention of any problems (most car sellers list what they know to be wrong and I applaud them) or no mention of as is where is. Because of this wording, the pictures and the buyers rating (which can be misleading) I bid significantly higher than I normally would have. I was denied a claim through eBay and recently sent a registered letter to Meg with 50 pages of documentation. We will see what happens or doesnt happen. I have contacted a lawyer and do intent to pursue in small claims court. in the state of TX against the seller.

  30. It is a shame to say this because I empathise with everyone’s disappointments here.

    However, in reading all of the comments it is clear that hardly anyone has bothered to become familiar with the site guidelines and the User Agreement. Time after time it seems no one quite has the facts straight.

    Sorry to be the lone dissenting voice, because I know it sucks to get ripped off: but really, you make your bed by being either greedy, stupind, or willfully uninformed, so lie in it!

    This trait probably extends to most other areas of your lives as well.

  31. It is very sad when no bidders check with others and then buy junk. Then post a excellent report. Then later to find that this company above has cheated and lied to them about almost everything. They claim to have a repair in the UNITED STATES which they do not. They claim to have parts and have none. I tried to buy a vacuum machine from a person

    that was SCREWED YES I say SCREWED by these thieves. He could not get satisfaction or repair. When I approached JLWTOOLS they finally told me

    after several emails. (Get this)Because I did not buy the machine from them they could not sell parts to me. What a joke of an outfit. I personally will not do business with crooks. My wife is Chinese and she

    say do not do business with them. As I will not. I hope that I will be able to contact Ebay and speak to a person if I can not I will remove myself from Ebay.

  32. I too have a problem, with an Australian eBay seller. She gave wrong information on her listing, then refused to refund the return postage. I had actually asked a simple question, the size of the item, and she told a mistruth. So I bought it. The question and answer are displayed on the description.

    After four weeks waiting for her to rectify the situation, I left neutral feedback – not even negative, as the matter is fairly small, in dollar terms. The very next morning my email account inbox was flooded with hundreds (425) junk emails. It cannot be a coincidence! She must have entered my email address on mailing lists all over the place!

    What should I do? It’s my business email address, and I can’t change it. Nor do I have time to wade through rubbish every morning. Are there any better antispam programs than that included in my Norton?

    She is also damaging my business reputation if she sends email in my name to companies that might have bought from me. And will my web host and ISP block my accounts if they think I’ve been sending spam?? I feel vulnerable. Why can’t a person just accept their mistake, and pay for it ($4.40), and be done with it. I would have left her glowing praise had she done so.

  33. I completely agree about eBay. So forget ebay with those auction type formats and fees. It always amazed me that people go to ebay since in real life they almost never attend auctions. But we do attend clearance racks and that is exactly what drop.com is. Its a clearance rack where you can buy and sell stuff – and its FREE! The listing prices on the site drop sometimes every second – hence the name – drop.com. Since its free, what do you have to loose? :)

  34. Get off ebay, unless you deal local with cash on inspected personal pick up.

    ebay (no caps) gives $175 ($200 less $25 fee to THEM) and will require an expert appraisal in writing. they want me to verify the payment, when the issue is the wrong item was shipped and the seller verified rcvng payment in their ebay system. Check my feedback and the seller feedback (bottingdon vs tmdelam)

    on another issue I have an old Guard Dog protection on my computer and I keep getting Warning Credit card info being sent only on ebay.They are the only one with a credit card info on my computer. nuf said.

    Be careful what you say about them as they can bar you from the site for NO reason. (blessing?!?)

    good luck, you are warned.

  35. I was purchasing a car through ebay motors and i did as i was instructed by ebay and deposited the money where i was told it was $10,500 AUD. Once i had deposited the money though i got no emails from ebay or the seller. I then found out that the whole thing was a big fraud!!! Ebay told me the emails were ‘aprentaly not’ from ebay and the hold know responsibality!!!! Even though i messaged ebay through ‘my messages’ and asked them if the deal was legitimate with MR FABIAN FIERRO fabianf1970 and they instructed me that it was and it was safe to go ahead with the deal… NOW if that add wasnt on ebay site i wouldnt of saw it and THOUGHT i was buying a car!!! So obviously ebay let anyone sell anything on ebay whether they have the item or not and they will not responsibalitiy for the fact that i lost $10,500 and they wont even help me try and get my money back!!!! So inconclusion ebay is a big scam if you ask me and i would advise everyone not to use ebay at all. If anything was to go wrong they dont care and they wont help!!!!


  37. Ebay is a fucking fraud! Where is the class action suit? I want in!

    They have over $150 of MY money. They closed two accounts on me for being linked to someone at work. I did nothing wrong! But they haven’t returned a dime of my money.

    That?s fraud! They are keeping thousands, if not millions of stolen money for closing peoples accounts for no reason, and not returning their money. Also, they charge you for your auction up front. Should they REALLY be ALLOWED to take more money upon the close (final value fee) plus then they grab MORE with PayPal which is owned by them. So they charge you THREE TIMES for their CRAPPY fraudulent service! Then they can close your account at will and keep charging your credit cards or bank account as they see fit. Both of my ?suspended? accounts have a high negative balance, meaning they overcharged me and kept the funds, no return. They know they have my money, my icvoices say credit. And I’ve e-mailed them REPEATEDLY. But I can?t get the funds! I also had some funds left in Paypal, even though that wasn?t much, I can’t get that either. I can?t WAIT for the lawsuit that FINALLY puts ebay under. Fucking die Ebay!

  38. The ? gentleman? that pointed out that most had not read the user agreement etc is wrong on several accounts. First off, it says in the user agreement that ebay will suspend or remove any offending seller for a long list of reasons, depending on who the seller is, that may or may not happen. It is not unusual for people to be suspended for no reason and now that a virtual monopoly has been formed by Paypal and ebay, they can and do cause problems with both accounts. There are a few solutions. Pay with a credit card. This forces Paypal to act on a claim. It won?t be fast but it does work, mind you there are time constraints as to when you can file and how long before it is too late, so be aware of that, your CC company can also help in getting your money back. Trying to communicate with ebay is about the same as screaming in the wilderness, no one will hear you and no one will do anything to help. The class action suit sounds good in theory, but you would need to do an awful lot of research to find people that fall within the relatively narrow confines of such venue. I wish that instead of buying boobtube or whatever it is called that Google would have started up an auction site, the time is ripe, but it will take a mighty big player to get up to the level of ebay quickly. As much money as they have in their reserves, it is hard to understand why they have not moved in that direction, collusion perhaps? The subject of retaliatory feedback has been raised and it is a valid point. If you the buyer or seller does everything according to the rules, the offender should not be able to smear your good name just because they got caught, most of the time negative feedback to one side or the other is in retaliation for feedback left. Most of the dishonest players just open another account when they get suspended, I have seen this countless times in the last 6 years. There is also a rash of account hijacking going on and other forms of identity theft and ebay seems to think they have it under control; nothing could be further from the truth. Every time you sign in you are risking a part of your identity. There response is there is nothing they can do about it, well there is, but they refuse to do it and admit it freely. There is also a growing trend from the far east and other places but mostly China where a ?seller? will get a few feedbacks buying trinkets and then advertise a very expensive item, usually they want Western Union payment, which in itself should be a red flag of major proportions. You pay, they never deliver, they get suspended and are back the next day with a new user ID. A simple algorithm run through the system would find this activity and it could be investigated, but the investigative arm of ebay has under 10 paid employees. This fact was pointed out in a letter that ebay itself sent out touting their great efforts to keep us all safe. You have to be kidding. The time is now for another venue to come along and take over as the number one auction site, if it can be called that, and kick these people back to where they came from. Like many I have gone on to using a website to sell products since I specialize in a relatively narrow focus, and as mentioned before back to more traditional methods of selling products and the profit margin has gone up with the problems having gone way, way down. Fire off an email to Google and let them know you would support their effort in an online auction venue, they are interested in making money and have to be looking at this enormous cash cow. I look forward to the day when ebay is a bad memory in history.

  39. bought a motherboard from a person he seems to dont want answer iv sent a email to ebay but they dont answer there email either starting to think they are a fraud just like aol

    where has the honesty gone to these days

  40. I’m thinking of taking a local course on becoming a Ebay Seller but after reading the many unsolved problems with Ebay . I have second thoughts! BCS

  41. eBay? eBay has become the literal translation and megalomaniacal Monster a’la Big Brother prophesised in the film “1984”! Here are just a few highlights of eBays recent developments in the area of service/client relations, and generally how they treat us (the people that pay the Bills and the salaries there) the SELLERS!

    • Monopoly-like bullying tactics, forcing smaller (but far better) AUction sites out of business
    • Mafia-like Tactics, such as: Freezing your account/cancelling it for no reason, Freezing your money in their bastard/stepchild “Paypal” for undefined periods of time.
    • Incompetence: The average eBay “worker” is in reality just High school and college students on Summer vacation! I would also dare say, that there are probably less than 100 “real” employees there! This is proven in the bizarre, and non related “you are talking to a Computer” form letter replies to ANY question you ask, whether its a problem with a buyer that has communicated a death threat (has happened, eBay cant be bothered!) to ALiens have landed! They simply do not answre you. And WHEN they are indeed moved to actually answer you, its also a short, often rude letter to inform you that they intend to keep THOUSANDS of your Dollars frozen in an offshore account earning the highest interst known to man, and, they will only release it once you stop everything you are doing, hire a Lawyer, give him the reams of documents that you have saved, and in the end, you get your money, but only when a Lawsuit is iminent. So, with these Mafia/Criminal tactics, I can see how many just give up, and they cash in!
    • they never get involved with non payers, and thrill bidders! leaving the chasing down, and prosecution of these asswipes to us, the sellers! (I have refined this practice, so if you have questions how to do it, just ask! Because eBay couldnt care less!)
    • Basically, if you are a seller, you live with the Sword of Domocles over your head…day in, day out. As a buyer, no problem! You can bid a Zillion bucks for a tennis racket, and not pay, and NOTHING happens! So, basically, its the Inmates running the loony bin there!

    eBay is a cold, now monolithic apparatus, run virtually by a massive Computer server (probably in Dubai by now) , run by a handful a horrendously incompetent people, that want your maoney, plain and simple. They have gone WAY beyond providing the cutesy “Internet marketplace” online…oh yes, they have established basically an Internet Concentration Camp, where you are machine gunned to death when you move toward the fence, or inquire as to the Man behind the curtain a”la Wizard of Oz!

    I have had (bis dato) more than 17 accounts there. Why? Because the first one was suspended, and never allowed to reopen again. Was it because of misconduct? Did I offer and sell to the tune of 330,000 Dollars worth of imaginary laptops, then skip off to Costa Rica (like the celebrated eBay case went down, in which their GAPING security loophles and complicit employees allowed to happen a few years ago)no…it was for not answering my emails over a long weekend where I was (gasp!) on Vacation with my kids! All attempts to rectify the situation failed, because (you guessed it!) When you call o write, guess what?? NO ONE WORKS THERE!!! No one recieves, reads, or gives a crap about your letters! So, dont try! So..realizing that they have shut down or bought out all the great little safe and cheap auctions one after another (Yahoo, etc)So what have we done since then? We open one account after another and use it until its “discovered”, and like the Online Nazi’s that they are, they let loose the Dogs, they cancel our listings, and close the account! For wwhat? Simply because I dared reopen another account, without having the fist hassles taken care of….and round and round and round it goes…year after year! So, like in medieval times, we all await our rescuer…someone, somewhere who has the brains, the server, and the Will to erect a newer, BETTER version of eBay, and lets all jump ship, go over to the newer/better site, and watch all those asswipes at eBay CHOKE on their high prices, BS practices, and Mafia-like way of doing business!! (I bet they have snipers on the roof next door!) but let me end by saying: I personally wish that they all burn in hell, or be dragged behind trucks down a long hot texas back road, but hey! We cant have everything we want right?

    eBay is the INTERNET ANTI CHRIST! They must be stopped!

  42. Hi, I got caught with the scam of “under 90 day registration, negative feedback received and you are suspended” I purchased a mobile phone from a seller in Australia, paid via direct deposit then no phone arrived. Numerous emails to seller with no reply, then made a complaint to Ebay who obviosly queried the seller, then negative feedback posted against me from the seller as “sending harrassing emails”. I was automatically suspended from Ebay, no item, no payment returned and to top it off, the seller just gets away with it. How many more sellers prey on new buyers like this. Like everyone else I only received computer generated replys from Ebay. I give up. I now sell and buy on the Australian auction site Oztion.

  43. I had a terrible problem with an Ebay seller Luv4Treasures. I ordered a piece of jewelry, It was misrepresented and paypal found in my favour. I returned the item and he refused to pay me back. He doesn’t use paypal now, but is selling on ebay. Oddly, this was not the first time he had a problem with misrepresentation.

  44. I bought a 2GB Sandisk Ultra II SD card from eBay. The seller advertised it as genuine Sandisk card. the card will store only 300MB and then display “memory card error” will appear in the camera. I contacted sandisk for warranty replacement but they told the SD card is not Genuine Sandisk !

    I wrote (still writing) to eBay about the problem 3 times so far, but no reply. Whenever I write to them, the automated reply “you are important to us” will be prompted in their reply. What the hell going on with this eBay?

    The seller does not reply the mails.

    I think my money is gone with the “great” service of eBay. They suck you.. till they make money. When there is a problem, they don’t care.

    Can somebody help me in sorting this out? Sue them..?

  45. PayPal eBay scams PayPal, Inc. blocked us from our funds I love they recording!, PayPal just took $12,000.00 from us, here’s our page! cool deals 2 go http://www.hostitplanet.com/paypalblockedusfromour_funds.htm

    On 11/29/07 after we listed 2 very successful products on eBay from time period 10/28/2007 as user cooldeals2go and generated over 24,000.00 in sales for a four week period, PayPal, Inc., restricted access to our funds (which we cannot transfer $11,999.69 USD in funds to our bank account) and had eBay close/suspend our account cooldeals2go.

    we were not selling any items that are illegal and our products were downloadable from the Internet and did not break any copyright violations AND WHERE self-made.

    we did notify PayPal, Inc., by phone to prior to 11/15/2007 to to let them know to expect an increase in sales so they would be provided with what we were selling, we also own http://www.hostitplanet.com and http://www.hostitplanet.com and reconfirmed them about our sales for website hosting, we specifically told them to document it!. Therefore we felt we were clear with notifying them, also the restriction has caused eBay to suspend our account which means loosing an estimated amount of $3,000.00 in sales per day and the inability to send products to our customer totaling around $2,500.00. We have contacted PayPal,Inc. 9 times in a 4 day period from the time they restricted us, and supplied all requested information which we can verify we sent. and then they pulled the no appeal crap. we can prove via screen shot to the items we submitted we have also some disputes from October that PayPal, Inc., has neglected to deal with for over a month.

  46. I have been reading everything and it is true. EBay was my livelihood as well and I was suspended with no real explanation why. The next big auction house needs to come up now. This is the time while everyone is fed up. People just stay with Ebay because there is nowhere else to go. A website called ebay powersellers unite is looking for suggestions for an online platform to throw their support behind. Anyone with suggestions should check it out.

  47. I have opened two Ebay accounts both of which resulted in suspensions without any reason whatsoever. It was my first listing, i followed all the rules providing an accurate description, nothing misleading and both were cancelled and told i still owe them fees? I cancelled fees through cc company FUCK EBAY! Ill stick with Craigslist and all the JEWS there

  48. Ebay is still horrible with customer service. They do not have a contact number and wait days to respond to emails. Their fees are just too high. Trust me….find another way to sell. Check out other on-line auctions. I really wish that I had read the link prior to selling on EBAY. This is my third week and I can’t even count the number of problems that I have had with them (account suspension for no reason, unreturned emails, arrogants reps, you name it!!!!) As soon as my last few items sell this week, I will finally be through with EBAY.

  49. Ebay is still horrible with customer service. They do not have a contact number and wait days to respond to emails. Their fees are just too high. Trust me….find another way to sell. Check out other on-line auctions. I really wish that I had read the link prior to selling on EBAY. This is my third week and I can’t even count the number of problems that I have had with them (account suspension for no reason, unreturned emails, arrogants reps, you name it!!!!) As soon as my last few items sell this week, I will finally be through with EBAY.

  50. A highly recommended site is elfingo.com for online auctions. They are the new ebay. Many smaller sites like this offer buyers far better deals than ebay ever could. Buyser also save a ton because this site charges little or nothing depending on the day. One more reaso I like elfingo.com is because they don’t take a part of the sale at all. No commissions or final value fees. A+++ elfingo.com

  51. EBAY SICK WORLD*I just found out that any of your competitors on Ebay can report you for listing violations. Just to get you removed as a seller. This has happened to me recently. I sell items at a great price with low shipping fees and have high buyer ratings. I recently became a power seller on Ebay. My nightmare started about 8 weeks ago. I received alert I have misrepresented a item for sale. I think it is called spamming. If they do not like a certain words you use in a listing this is a violation. The first time this happened I sent emails asking what are they referring to? I sent them to everyone at every link I could find on Ebay. As you already know I never got any answers to any of my questions. I was told to take a tutorial on listings and that was that. Then a week later I received another alert now 3 items were removed for the same reason? Here lies one of the problems once a listing is removed you can never view it again. Unless Ebay places back into your unsold items. So now you must rely on your memory and try to figure out what they are talking about. In this alert on July 5 – I am told to take the tutorial again and then you can begin selling. I did and I was in a panic and decided to check my remaining 99 items listed. I am flying totally blind now I have no idea want I am looking for but I am going to remove any thing that may be a potential problem. At that time I see I am blocked for 7 days from doing any sellers activities. I was not told this by any Ebay alert or email but regardless I cannot revise any of my remaining 99 listings. At the end of the 6 TH day of my 7 day suspension now 3 more items are removed. I am now in BIG trouble. I am no longer a registered user or a power seller all listings are cancelled. I am kicked out. I call the power seller hot line but they can’t help you must follow the instructions on the alert. In the meantime my buyers emails are flying what’s wrong? what did you do? what about my purchases? All this upset and confusion with seller and buyers what are they doing?? I am so disgusted with this company and they way I have been treated. I work hard and would never do anything deliberate to mislead or de fraud anyone. I need to tell someone who can help change this. I know I am not the first seller or buyer mistreated by Ebay. I know the economy is bad now but what evil there is out there. So if all of a sudden these things start happening to you it might be a jealous seller trying to destroy your business. Thanks to Ebay because they have put the power in their hands to have you removed from this site permanently. You are in a WAR.. against a company with poor customer service and the evil of jealousy. I hope one day someone with money files a class action suit against this irresponsible company. They can ruin your reputation and take money right out your pocket. If we were in the real world charges would and could be filed against them. Why can’t we have the same rights in Ebays world.

  52. Ebay has not addressed a problem I have had for over a month. I was on vacation for 2 weeks out of the country, and had no internet access what so ever. So I thought when I return I can pay each seller, BIG MISTAKE!! when I logged on to pay for my items, I found myself blocked and unregistered. 2 sellers gave me an unpaid strike after I explained to the sellers what had happened. They agreed I could pay them and they would remove the strike. When I sent proof of paying for the items and proof of the strikes being deleted as eBay’s trust and safety department requested, They keep on emailing me back to send more proof, I have nothing else I could send accept the proof I had.

  53. My Company who is charging paypal for Adminstrtive dispute fees has now opened its own Auction Site. It has no activity yet as it is brand new and has been in existance for 24 hours. I think all of you will enjoy the terms and if any suggestions pop up let me know. I will improve it greatly if i get a lot of interest and activity. So if you want we can make our own version of Online Auctions which will greatly improve matters for us and with plenty of word and support we can be very successful. I have devised a system which will enable you to save loads of money as sellers and pass these along to buyers…so please join us. It is a subdomain of our main site which is currently being constructed. The auction site is now operational. the address is… http://blackdragonauctions.griffinfilm.com I will spice it up and improve the appearance and terms etc. through your input if interest is gained…thank you. Please join us we would love to have you and it never hurts to have other avenues to sell through. If we all work together we could make this site a fresh new and fun alternative which shall resist corporate expansion and corruption as we are independant film makers by trade which do not approve of such means. The terms are ready for your review and feedback. Please send all input to theblackseal@live.com and lets work this thing out to be of great benefit for all. Please excuse if i step on any toes by posting this but i need a viable means of putting the word out to interested parties and there should be no offense taken for the offerance of a fresh new alternative thank you

  54. at Bidpops.com we have no final value fees, no membership fees, and you can sell anything for 50 cents. I left eBay a long time ago when I couldn’t get my product back from a ripoff buyer overseas and PayPal gave the money back. We get in the ring for our people!

  55. I am a nurse and thank God we have extra diapers for all of you crybabies. God please give us all a break. Did any of you know that since you ranted and raved my father passed away listening to your bullshit? Well think about it. Get over your damn selves. I can’t even believe what I’m seeing. You should be ashamed and I hoped you are. SICK. Go do something other than playing with your dick because youre not thirteen anymore.

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