The New Gateway

By Deane Barker on July 1, 2003

Readying Gateway’s post-PC future: Man, I gotta buy some Gateway stock:

“Eighteen years after co-founding what would become of one most recognized PC companies in the history of the computer industry, Waitt is working as quickly as he can to shed Gateway’s image as a PC builder. …

‘We’re taking PCs from the bulk of the (sales floor) space down to about 15 percent of that space because, frankly, there’s not a lot of money in PCs.’”



  1. and more evidence of the Apple Echo Syndrome. Apple has been trying for years, and with a bit more success recently, to tie multiple systems together. The Digital Hub paradigm. Steve Jobs realized a long time ago that the computer and its software isn’t an end in itself, but should be a tool that makes life easier by tying various gadgets together and making them work better. Look at iLife, iChat, iSight, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie (i already am disliking the i thing!) and how they all work together, and how well they do what they do. Maybe Ted’s caught the vision, but from what I’ve seen he’s still going to concentrate on hardware.

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