The Best Font for Writing Code

By Deane Barker on January 19, 2005

Finding the Best Programmer’s Font: I can’t say I’ve ever put this much thought into it. I’ll admit that the winning font is quite attractive.

Becoming frustrated with source code not aligning in my favorite source editor I decided to hunt for the best font. In particular, I began to hunt down the available fixed-width or monospaced fonts.



  1. The winning font is from the Bitstream Vera family. It’s a very popular font in Open Source circles since the font is under a free license. The non-mono versions of the font are also excellent. I’ve been using them for most of my time on Linux.

  2. Call me dumb or whatever but could you name any reason why all the programmers fonts have to be monospaced? I have to admit I’ve been working with Verdana (yes!) in my favourit editors for quite a time and it is still a delight for my courier-massacred eyes.

  3. Mono makes the indents line up and gives a visual grid. I just cannot stand courier’s serifs. All those extra pixels! ACK! Thx for the proggy font suggestion. I’m going to give ProggyCleanSZBP.ttf a try.

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