By on January 17, 2005

This may turn out to be nothing, but…

A week or so ago, an app named iFlicks 1.0 was released by Helixent Technologies (of Mitchell, SD, of all places!) iFlicks was designed to help you organize digital movies, in much the same manner as iTunes does for music. It’s unique in that it also integrates with Netflix to keep track of the movies you’ve rented. The app was available for download until late last week when Helixent mysteriously pulled the plug on downloads.

Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot provide further details as to why we have made the decision to halt distribution of iFlicks. As soon as we are aware of further details which we can make public, we will post the information to this page. If you are concerned or otherwise interested, just periodically check back to the iFlicks web site.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but might Apple and Netflix be collaborating on offering an iTunes Music Store-like experience for getting movies and TV content, and politely (with a wad of cash in hand) asked Helixent to step out of the way? This guy is thinking along the same lines as me, that last week’s release of the Mac Mini is the first step in a process to supplant the VCR, DVD, and TiVo in many an entertainment center. But perhaps Apple is thinking one step further, using the Mac Mini with BitTorrent-like technology to speed up access to movies and television content.

Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part.

This rabbit trail initiated by a MacSlash post.



  1. Searching for this app on turns up a screenshot. It is nearly identical to iTunes. I know that a number of apps resemble iTunes, but it wouldn’t suprise me if Apple sent this guy a C&D letter. Interesting concept. I’m sure it would sell well if it’s re-released.

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