Free Technical Books

By Deane Barker on January 14, 2005

Big Technical Library: This site appears to have several hundred complete IT books, free for the reading. Can’t be legal, I don’t think. The domain is out of Russia, if that means anything.



  1. Where do you guys find these?

    Most of these books are very old book. (Ancient in “computer years”) For instance, a Javascript book from 1996, the most recent Photoshop book is on version 5 (current is v8) and there have been major changes to menus and functions since then.


  2. Yeah, you’re right — most of these books are ancient. Some are timeless, but I don’t think too many people need the “10 Minute Guide to Outlook 97.”

  3. Last year, I was at a bookstore in my mall. It’s not a chain — just a one-off, Mom-and-Pop bookstore with no corporation behind them. (It was Cover-to-Cover, for any readers from Sioux Falls.)

    I was browsing the computer section, and there was a box of new books on the floor that someone was shelving. I was aghast. There were several books on Windows 3.11, a couple on Internet Explorer 3.0, one on the original MSN, and even one called “Memory Management for Macs for Dummies.”

    It occured to me that some distributor gave them a “great deal” on some titles, and they took him up on it, not knowing that they were so far out of date that they were good for nothing but kindling. It was kind of sad, actually.

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