Macworld San Francisco Keynote

By on January 11, 2005

Well Macworld San Francisco 2005 is underway and as expected, Steve had some exciting announcements during his keynote. Some expected and some surprising.

iLife ‘05 – A nice upgrade to an alreday great product. I’m excited because now iPhoto can handle any RAW photos I may take. $79 and ships next week.

Mac Mini – As predicted, a new addition to the Mac lineup. This will undoubtedly pull in some Windows converts. $499 – $599 and ships next week.

iWork – The combination of Keynote and a new app called Pages. It’s an improvement from the existing AppleWorks product. $79 and available next week.

iPod Shuffle – Another rumor come true. An extremely tiny flash based iPod. Two models, 512MB – $99 and 1Gb – $149. Limited navigation ability. Shipping immediately.

iTunes phone – Motorola announced this last week at CES. Not sure what capability it will provide above playing music, but it is a start into the mobile phone sector.

Mr. Jobs also demonstrated the latest incarnation of OS X — Tiger. It will ship within the next six months and looks to provide nice improvements over Panther.

All in all a pretty good showing from Apple. They confirmed most of the rumors which removed the element of surprise for many things, but still a good crop of new products.