It’s Twue! It’s Twue!

By on January 11, 2005

ThinkSecret was right!

Jobs just introduced the Mac Mini. It has DVI & VGA monitor outputs, plus USB 2, Firewire, 1.25GHz G4, 256MB RAM and 40GB HD (but no mouse or keyboard) for $499! with Panther & iLife 05. About the size of an external CD drive, only taller.

Everything the Cube should have been.

There is no VGA port, only an adapter to go into the DVI port. Sorry; just a little excited.



  1. Man, Apple has been busy. Updated Xserves, iWork, updated iLife apps, a flash based iPod and the Mac mini.

  2. Considering the cost of components in this box, I wonder if Apple isn’t doing as Daring Fireball suggested and taking a loss on these to increase market share.

    It’s likely that they’re getting insane breaks on the hard drives, since they’re probably the same models used in iPods, but the RAM, graphics, and G4 CPU’s all add up to a pretty serious cost.

    This is a brilliant move from Apple. It removes the argument of “Why should I spend $1k on an iMac when I get a Dell for half that?” Now you don’t have to. At this price, a lot of people will get one as a second PC just to try it, and it makes for an easy upgrade suggestion for your parents. This could definitely be the move that makes Apple’s market share something that software publishers are forced to consider more seriously.

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