Thoughts on Firefox and the Enterprise

By Deane Barker on January 9, 2005

Is Firefox the sign of long term problems at Microsoft?: Some interesting thoughts on how Firefox might really damage Microsoft. If Firefox can get its claws in somewhere, then it’s the first bonafide “crack in the bubble” of the theory that having all Microsoft products in an enterprise makes life better.

As Firefox continues to grow its market share, the difference between now and the Netscape days is that Internet Explorer is often a disease ridden product. The advantage of having it preinstalled on most machines is outweighed by genuine benefits of switching, and large corporations have IT staff that will do that for people, to save time and money. It is not hard to imagine a headline – ‘Merrill Lynch to switch to Firefox’.



  1. The only problem we’ve experienced is using our own intranet which was geared to IE. After replacing the Rich Text Editor with a cross browser compatible things were back to normal, and adding the Copy/Paste hack. The only other major problem is sites like, which I visit daily still uses IE only markup and doesn’t work 100% with FireFox. That’s about it. And I also visit and their webcasts which are of course IE specific. I wish MSFT would pull it head out of the sand and quite saying “IE has all the features people expect and is a secure product…” that not a quote but it is the overall spin they are pushing. IE is no longer the best for many reasons.

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