Zempt: MT Desktop Client

By Deane Barker on July 1, 2003

Zempt :: Multi-platform posting for Movable Type :: Zempt: I’m writing this from Zempt, so if you see it on the blog, then it worked. Zempt is a desktop client for Movable Type. It’s not WYSIWYG, but it still seems very competent. HTML edit buttons, spellcheck, tabbed preview, etc. The only thing I may not be able to live without is the bookmarklet feature that links the page you’re on.



  1. Wow, this works beautifully. Some other notes from my 15 minutes with it:

    (1) Although it doesn’t link the active page in your browser like a bookmarklet does, it has the benefit of NOT being in a browser window, so you don’t have to click away from your page to post.

    (2) You can save draft items locally. If you’re working on something, hit the save button and Zempt will save what you’re working on to a file associated with the Zempt editor. So you just double-click the file to open it again in the editor (just out of curiosity, I open it in a text editor, and Zempt is saving the actually XMLRPC string that it eventually sends to MT).

    (3) Multiple category assignment is much easier in Zempt than the MT interface. You don’t have to wait for a post to be saved, for one thing.

    (4) Same thing with dates — you can set the post date before the post is saved.

    (5) One area for improvement: Zempt does nothing in the background. While it’s talking to your MT installation, it will hang. Given that MT is generally slow, this is noticable. It’s be nice if this was asynchronous — Zempt would send this stuff off to the server while you did something else with it. A small point, however.

    Very cool.

  2. Oh, yeah, simple WYSIWYG is coming. You aren’t going to be able to design table layouts or anything, but bold, italic, lists, and other simple formatting will work.

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